The care your plants need in September

The care your plants need in September

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It is assumed that strong heat has been left behind, but it cannot be ruled out that there are days with a high temperature. Therefore, it is advisable not to abruptly leave the habits that have been followed.

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It's fundamental keep plants free of dried leaves and flowers, since they absorb water and come to slow the development of healthy areas.

Do not let your guard down and take special care with pests and heat illnesses. It is advisable to regularly apply the parasite treatments, as well as the insecticide and fungicides. In general, it is better to perform them in the strips of less heat, first thing in the morning or late in the afternoon. To detect pests, the underside of the leaves should be checked. If its presence is noted, isolate the plant to avoid infection and start treatment.

Irrigation has to be adjusted to the temperature, but watch out for the waterlogging, which can lead to the appearance of fungi and the loss of the specimen. It is also advisable to remove the upper layer of the substrate because, if it is irrigated too much, water tends to weigh the earth, reducing the entry of air and water to the finest roots.

He waters alone

Do you always doubt if the orchid needs water? Some have dried up? Make it easy with this pot with self-harm, from Eva Solo; you just have to fill the water tank so that the orchid absorbs it, according to your needs (€ 33.60 approx.)

Vertical garden

Giving color and more joy to a wall with climbers is as easy as hanging flower pots on the trellis.

Just be aware that the new plant has its space and direct the climber, if necessary, where it does not bother. When it is time to prune the wall, you just have to pick them up.

Pots, from Elho, with stand and plate, are available in five colors (€ 7.79 each).


To create recollection and romantic corners, it is essential to use deco pieces of classic inspiration, with a lot of visual impact, such as stone benches, iron with aged patina or wood with look retro, wrought iron gates, columns, large cup-shaped planters, sculptures, metal spheres ...

If you prefer the rustic style, vintage bicycles and showers, wheelbarrows or a wagon wheel.

Special mention deserves water. Among the ornamental elements that decorate the garden, it is one of the most recurrent. They are ideal the suppliers, the sheets of water, as well as the pools and ponds, with closed circuit, but also the sources; like the one in the photo, model Sirmio, from Unopiù (€ 180). The picture is completed with a colorful bush and two zinc cubes; one of them, with cut flower. Perfect!

Think green

The solution for mini spaces can be this book. It includes information on materials and techniques to create a vertical garden and know how to maintain it; 22 DIY projects with step-by-step photographs; and a visual microenccyclopedia with 48 plants.

To buy How to build a vertical garden by Gustavo Gili (€ 13.20).

Crown of flowers

Have fun making a wreath of natural flowers. Try this box that includes all the material to make it and instructions with photographs. Of course, you should choose the flowers you enter your favorites. Kit, by Rainy Sunday (€ 15.09).