Watch out! Brand new clothes without washing before you could get sick

Watch out! Brand new clothes without washing before you could get sick

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Surely you will be thinking: I am not interested, because I buy the clothes on-line. Nothing is further from reality and is that Any item of clothing that we acquire, whether in a physical store or from the Internet, has been handled by several hands outside our own. And that, unfortunately, can mean that we get to suffer certain conditions.

For example, diseases that are spread directly by skin contact, such as lice or scabies. Sounds nasty, right? Well, the best way to avoid it is to wash your clothes as soon as you have them at home.

On the other hand, did you know that the clothes you buy on-line has a series of preservatives integrated to prevent mold from appearing during shipment, in case there was humidity in the environment?

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These are formaldehyde resins that are used to prevent mold and moisture, and although the intention is more than good, your skin can suffer from dermatitis or eczema. Further, if you suffer from asthma or your lungs are sensitive to certain substances, they may be irritated by inhaling the chemicals.

Too the same can happen with the dyes present in the tissues. Keep in mind that although in our country, Health is responsible for regulating these matters, much of the clothing we buy comes from places without any regulation. Scary, huh? Even more so when summer approaches and temperatures rise. Why sweat opens pores and absorbs substances more easily that during the winter ... 😰

Come on, from now on, surely you think twice before releasing an unwashed garment!

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