20 tips to take care of clothes

20 tips to take care of clothes

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Protect and perfume your clothes.
Keep last season's clothes clean and protect them from moths until the next season with an effective, durable and pleasant-smelling product. In balls or bags, to leave in the drawers, or hook -to hang in the closets-, its different presentations allow you to choose the
It is better for you.

Seasonal textiles.
Remove the sofa and cushion covers and put them in the washing machine separately. Check the label directions well, to make sure you select the right wash cycle. If you are going to replace them with more fresh fabrics, keep them ironed. And if you put them back on, vacuum them once a week to keep them clean.

Turn over the mattress.
Take advantage of the removal of quilts and blankets to turn the mattress, so its wear will be homogeneous. Some models are presented with double-sided, winter and summer, so, in that case, in addition to turning it you must turn it over. Before making the bed, vacuum the surface, as it is the perfect refuge from dust mites whose presence can wreak havoc on allergic people.

Cleaning and softness.
Combat all types of stains with an effective washing machine detergent; that acts, even, in cold water. And finish your laundry with softeners that protect your clothes and perfume it with delicate fragrances.

The machine, ready.
During the week we put several washing machines. Thanks to them, the clothes are clean but ... And inside the machine? Do you dedicate time to its maintenance? Over the years, washing machines accumulate mold and give off a bad smell. If you do not want this to happen, after each wash dry the drum and the rubbers with a clean dry cloth. And once a month, make an empty load with 4 cups of bleach and another empty load with 4 cups of white distilled vinegar. And it will look like new!

The carpets are also for summer.
Gone is the idea of ​​associating carpets with winter, due to their thermal and acoustic insulation. In microcement floors, tiles and wood, these textiles come in handy all year. In summer, choose materials that transpiren, natural, light and fresh, such as jute, hemp or coconut, which also give such a decorative touch!

Put your dryer to work.
Insert curtains, comforters and even cushions in the washing machine in a cycle without spin. Upon completion, pass them to the dryer in an air cycle alone (without heat) for 15 minutes. Tend the laundry. In the case of curtains, if you want, you can re-hang them immediately to avoid wrinkles.

Furniture brands
The weight of the furniture leaves unpleasant marks on the carpets that we only notice when we remove them. Remove them easily by rubbing the affected part with an ice cube. The carpet will return to normal in the blink of an eye.

Water or soda?
There are spots that are especially difficult to remove. We give you two infallible tricks: use soda or sparkling water to remove chocolate or wine stains. And if you've done a scribble with the pen on your favorite shirt, pour a few drops of cola and it will disappear instantly. Then wash the clothes normally.

A website to consider.
Who does not like to have his house in perfect condition? Go into ; and become a fan of home life. In this interesting portal you will discover products, discounts, promotions and useful tips, not only to clean your house, but also to take care of yourself; because after so much housework, you have undoubtedly earned a good reward.

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If you keep the shirts in drawers instead of hanging, it is convenient to fold them well, to avoid wrinkles. To do this, button them whole.

Spread them upside down on a flat surface. Fold each side in thirds and align the sleeves. Smooth the fabric well and fold the body into two parts.

Squeeze, but don't twist

Delicate garments such as lingerie, silk blouses or linen pants require hand washing. Dip the garment in a bowl with water and specific detergent and let the foam act on the fabric for a few minutes. If it has a specific stain, keep it soaking for half an hour until you see it disappear. Never rub, because this friction movement wears and deforms the fibers. Rinse with cold water until all the soap is removed and gently squeeze the garment. Take the clothes in a bowl to the clothesline, so that it does not drip, and before hanging it, shake it to eliminate wrinkles to the fullest.

To save!

Blankets, Nordics, coats, suits ... changing closet is inevitable, if you do not have a large dressing room. Fold everything neat and clean in breathable and semi-transparent bags to locate garments at first sight. Storage covers with handles and marine style Bazil, from La Redoute (from € 19.99).

Magnetic bar

If you like to dry the dishes as soon as you scrub them, you will discover at the end that the cloth is completely wet. The same goes for the kitchen cloth, always in use.

To facilitate its quick drying, we show you an ingenious gadget: a magnetic bar that is fixed to the sink with two powerful magnets and on which you can hang cloths and cloths. Easy to put on and take off, its design has been awarded in Denmark. Magnetic bar, from (23,40 €).

Ironing center

The ironing centers generate a large amount of water vapor that penetrates deep into the tissues, which reduces the time spent on this ungrateful need. Model Perfect Steamby Rowenta
(215 €).

Wash big

Until recently it was unthinkable to clean carpets or cushions in a conventional washing machine. Now it is possible, thanks to Lorena Canals models, which surprises us again with its new collection of washable designs. Carpet Botanic Plants (227 €).

Fluff, at bay

The continued rubbing of the table or bag causes balls to appear on the sleeves of the sweaters or on the sides of the pants. Pass a clothes clipper through specific areas and forget about them completely. Philips remover with cleaning brush and removable tank, from Philips (€ 9.99). It works with batteries.

Ergonomic ironing board

If you do not iron every time you put on a washing machine, it is normal for clothes to accumulate until the weekend, and that is not the bad thing, the really tedious thing is that your back will resent within half an hour of standing. The solution is to try as often as possible to iron more often and choose an ergonomic table, which suits your heights. Ironing board Bubbles, in 124 x 38 cm, with solid support, 7 adjustable working heights and multilayer sheath Perfectflow (116 €).

Steel clothesline

For those days when it is cold or not to stop raining and you need to have your clothes ready, it is advisable to have an indoor clothesline, with capacity for a laundry, but that hardly occupies space when it is not used. Steel clothesline with accordion design, in 75 x 106 x 37 cm, light, foldable and resistant to rust and mold (€ 25.99) in

Silicone mats

If your ironing board lacks support
to leave the iron, get some practical mats that will facilitate the task thanks to its flexibility and protect the table cover, which will avoid possible burns. Heat resistant silicone mats, from (€ 10.95 / each).

Bloom antipolillas

For small spaces. Antipolillas Bloom, by Henkel (€ 3.99 / 8 cases).

Liquid detergent

For 47 washes Liquid gel detergent Wipp Express, by Henkel (€ 12.81).


With fresh fruit aroma. Softener Vernel Suprême Romance, from Henkel (€ 4.89).