8 off-road furniture to use inside and outside the home

8 off-road furniture to use inside and outside the home

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The English Court

The dividing line between the interior and exterior decoration is increasingly blurred. Side tables that go out to the terrace to help with snacks, outdoor armchairs that are incorporated into the main hall when the season ends, rocking chairs that favor naps inside and outside the house, barbecues that can be used in the kitchen ... Forget the barriers architectural and let the pieces in & out enter your home.

Like this rattan armchair in natural color. Perfect for your relaxing evenings on the porch and to add a touch of comfort and freshness to the hall of your house. It is a proposal of El Corte Inglés: Baume garden relax armchair (€ 89).

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Another example of how an armchair, which is part of an outdoor lounge, can be integrated into an indoor dining room and add the original note to the decoration of the room.

For its braided rattan fibers, you will love this elegant and very comfortable piece, a replica of the traditional models made by hand.

From El Corte Inglés: Yanoda garden armchair (€ 199).

The fresh touch The English Court

Jute is an organic vegetable fiber, flexible, breathable and with which you can make very interesting designs. Always used by artisan hands to make outdoor carpets and curtains and other details of rustic style, it is gaining presence in the most current homes for its versatility, freshness (does not transmit heat) and good conservation.

Your floors in & out will add interest when the views with this carpet, 100% jute, soft touch and natural color.

From El Corte Inglés, jute carpet Texcoco (€ 24.95).

Natural movement The English Court

On the porch or in the garden, it is clear ... But you can also place a rocker, like the one in the image, in an indoor room and not only because of its exotic aesthetics. As you know, the philosophy that promotes getting away from stress and taking a calm life (dedicating daily moments to relaxation) is gaining more and more followers. Rhythmic balancing is a movement that helps improve personal well-being and promotes reflection.

In case you want to put it into practice, this natural rattan rocker and cotton cushion can help you create the relaxing corner you need, inside and outside your home.

From El Corte Inglés, garden rocker Canaima (€ 199).

Updated elegance The English Court

In modern homes, simple and refined pieces, of natural materials (of great quality) and of contemporary design are generally well received. An aesthetic, Nordic style, which responds to the taste of today's consumer.

Like this unique rattan fiber chair with iron legs. An original mix of materials that combines the traditional and the industrial, and that provides decorative interest to any space. Choose, interior or exterior? Because it will be perfect both in a minimalist court room and on a porch or garden.

Room brand, El Corte Inglés, Cocoon chair (€ 395).

A touch of originality The English Court

Unique, for its impressive beauty and elegance, for its original design and for its composition. This rustic-looking table, but with a very careful and current realization, is formed by a solid teak base in the form of logs (suitable for being outdoors) and a tempered glass envelope. It is 110 cm in diameter and is the piece that will give the chic touch to your indoor and outdoor rooms.

From El Corte Inglés, Nikkö coffee table (€ 1,795).

Embers in the kitchen? The English Court

Traditionally, barbecues are outdoor cooking systems (balcony, terrace or garden). Perfect, during the summer season, but when bad weather arrives ...

Technological evolution now allows you to enjoy this type of cuisine, throughout the year and indoors, even in small apartments.

This barbecue is electric and, without the car, can be placed on any countertop. It has an iGrill connection system (an app) to know the temperature of food and have access to recipes.

Available in El Corte Inglés, Pulse 2000 electric barbecue with Weber car (€ 999).

What a great help! The English Court

An auxiliary table is one of the most useful pieces you can have at home. As a concept, they are of small size and reduced weight, so that they can be easily moved inside a room or taken outside. They are super functional at home as a support of the dining table, as an informal table for an outdoor snack, as a support for plants ... They barely detract from the main furniture, but they can put the design and color note to the environment where they are located .

From El Corte Inglés: Medina side table (€ 99.95); Nador side table (€ 169); Agadir auxiliary nest table (€ 129).