Celebrate the moon eclipse with a very 'lunar' deco

Celebrate the moon eclipse with a very 'lunar' deco

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If every time there is a full moon you stay watching it as a werewolf, we have found the decoration that you can not miss in your house! Yes, it's about recreating the phases of the moon in hangers, illustrations... and we assure you that it is beautiful!

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Isn't it very funny next to the cactus?

Pinterest: Emma Fabreguette

In the bedroom

The phases of the moon, the eye that sees everything ... A very spiritual bedroom!

Pinterest: Arwen

With black marble effect

If you are looking for a touch of sophistication, the black marble effect finish is perfect to achieve it.

Pinterest: Crafts On


Above the sideboard is perfect, but imagine it on the bed ...

Pinterest: Bir Nurmi


Two materials for two rows of moons. Why don't you dare to do it at home?

Pinterest: Drimvic


Calligraphy, drawings ... a simply beautiful illustration!

Pinterest: Pau Riv


A piece so beautiful and enigmatic that it seems taken from Ancient Egypt.

Pinterest: Calvin Copel


This hanger with the phases of the moon is perfect to give a touch glam to the wall. How about?

Pinterest: Mar

Sleeping on the moon

On top of the bed as a headboard, a very original idea! Especially if you are not a fan of bright colors.

Pinterest: Gabriela


In gold and with the moons held by a chain, perfect for a stylish house gipsy or boho!

Pinterest: Yedra Esquiliche