Four ideas to decorate your house with your own hands

Four ideas to decorate your house with your own hands

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We propose 4 super easy ideas to decorate your house with your own hands.

1. Bookshelf ... in an afternoon!

Se does in record time and it is that current and modern.

It has been built with the new solid pine boards Tarugo,which markets exclusively Leroy Merlin. These pieces of wood are of sustainable production and with the rough edges, which gives them a very special rustic charm. The boards can be found already cut to different sizes. To make this shelf, two measures tables have been chosen and hung from strings tied underneath and without a single screw ... We love it!

2. New furniture with paint

Funny, cheerful, and, above all, very personal. If you want to renovate your home furniture or give it your own stamp, the painting is an excellent ally.

Look at these proposals of the firm Bruguer. Take note of these two ideas:

You can use the submerged technique or dip painting to paint the legs of a stool, a chair or a table in a different color. Choose a tone that guarantees a good counterpoint to the rest, such as the blue of the bench example.

Are you bored by your old bookstore? Combine two colors to paint it, well coordinated within the same range, or in a beautiful contrast.

3. Clock with photos: decorative and functional

See what more original way to show off your photographs.


It is an excellent proposal of Pixum (, which, in addition to decorating, is very practical: the watch is original and works with Swiss precision. The sphere consists of photos and in the center has been placed a clock mechanism, that you can recycle from an old one. Both the images, in a circle, and the mechanism, are fixed to the wall with double-sided adhesive tape. A very simple job.

4. Markers of plants

Many crops This month require seedlings protected (indoors or greenhouse) from possible temperature changes.


Identify each with a marker with the name of the vegetable you have planted, like these proposed by the firm Garden Trading (

SI want your own version, use pieces of pointed wood, to nail them in the ground, and paint them with slate finish: so you can write the name of the crop with chalk and reuse the marker.