A 23 m² bedroom with bathroom and dressing room

A 23 m² bedroom with bathroom and dressing room

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With classic design pieces, the bedroom and bathroom become elegant environments. A purple velvet chair and a bathtub with legs and retro faucets are sophisticated in this attic room.

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The attic roof and the location of the bathtub - under the window and with direct access from the bed - make this room a very charming space, designed for relaxation.

Cofinex chair. Bath acquired in Otranto. Wooden auxiliary furniture with glass shelves, by Becara.

A sliding door connects the rest area with an independent one, where the toilet and bidet were installed.

The walls of this space were decorated with an original wallpaper, from Becara. Its classic print and neutral background harmonize with the door, which highlights a small retro air knob. In the foreground, an auxiliary furniture that is used to store towels and other toiletries.

A dresser and a bookcase optimize the space next to the bed.

Antique chest of drawers, by Carina Casanovas; about her, painting by Isabel Alonso. Low plaster and glass bookcase, designed by the owner and made by Gaspar and Díaz. Quilt, from the firm Texture.

Washbasin and dressing room

With a light and transparent design, the washbasin front also stands out for the contrast of textures. The aged wood and the paint subtract coldness to the glass and chromed steel, and make this corner more cozy, anteroom of the dressing room. Washbasin cabinet, Art and Bronze. Antique mirror, by Carina Casanovas.

The dresser,

Distributed on three fronts, it was custom-made to adapt to the needs of the owners and take advantage of the corners. For this, different modules were combined; some with bar to hang long and shorter garments and others with shelves, for shoes and folded clothes.

Bedroom divided into three zones

The circulation is fluid between the rest area, the sink and the dressing room. Toilet and bidet, however, have their own independent space, with sliding door.