These pet beds are worthy of doggy royalty!

These pet beds are worthy of doggy royalty!

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Merriweather Dog Beds

If you thought you had already seen everything in accessories for your pet, you were wrong, because we have found some beds with aesthetics so luxurious that they would conquer even Louis XIV himself. And no wonder, because the creator of the firm Merriweather Dog Beds, and interior designer, Anne Miller, She is passionate about travel, but above all, from France.

A taste that is evident in the designs of these four brightly colored canopy beds that have left us, literally, with their mouths open. But If you fall in love with the brand and want a fully customized bed, don't worry, you just have to contact Anne from her website, and to show off!

Advertising - Keep reading under 1 The St James Merriweather Dog Beds

Red, blue, ocher ... A mix of colors that we could only find in a king's bed. Eye to the crown of the roof!

2 The Oberoi Merriweather Dog Beds

In salmon color, ideal for the most presumed dogs (and kittens) in the house. With velvety cushion included!

3 The Du Cap Merriweather Dog Beds

To prevent your pet from getting depressed on rainy days, a bed like this with green and blue tones will smile back.

4 The Chalet Merriweather Dog Beds

The blue flowers that inhabit this bed make it, without a doubt, the sweetest choice.