Gardening: The biggest explosion of flowers arrives

Gardening: The biggest explosion of flowers arrives

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Spring is about to arrive, we must set up the garden. We tell you how to take care of flowering plants such as zinnia and other gardening tricks.

The zinnia or paper flower

Perennial plant, originally from Mexico, with a great variety of colors and shapes. Its stems are strong and resistant. There are two families: microfilias, which grow up to 45 cm, and macrophilia, which can reach up to one and a half meters. Its flowers open in summer and
they lengthen until well into winter.

Its color and smell attracts various insects. Take special care with ants, which can nest on their stems, caterpillars and beetles, which will devour their flowers.

THE ZINNIA OR PAPER FLOWER. Single or double, with colors ranging from red, to yellow, to orange, pink and white.

Plantation. If you are going to do it in March, to have flowers soon, it is better that you do it in pots and when they spend a few weeks transfer them to the garden. If you want to do it abroad, wait until May. Choose a plastic pot, which is deep, and place a piece of cloth at the bottom, so that it absorbs excess water. Create layers of compost, sand and earth, in this order, so the roots will benefit from all substrates. Choose children who have few leaves and avoid those with open flowers. And water!

Care. Place them in a place where they are given sunlight, at least 5 hours a day. As of 6 weeks, you can already plant them outside. Do it in the morning, at a distance of 8 cm.

Prepare the garden for the arrival of spring

We are in the prelude of spring and it is time to do some activities in
the garden.

Sowing seasonal plants; apply fertilizers organic in flower beds, flower beds and pots. If it doesn't rain, start with the watering. Pay special attention

to the rose bushes, Remove weeds and move the top of the substrate. Take advantage and renew the flowers from the terrace with spring plants such as tagetes, begonias or petunias. And do not forget to start with the subscriber at medium doses with fertilizers that are balanced.

Enjoy the flowers

Spring bulbs are very resistant and multiply annually. Every 3 or 4 years, remove them from the ground and divide them. If you want them to bloom in the month of June, plant them between February and March. It is the time of the coves, dahlias, gladioli or lilium.

Floral Design Course

Now on-line! Savia Bruta, pioneers at the School of Floral Design in Madrid, is now opening her online course. Aimed at all flower lovers who want to train as florists. You can enroll in the full course or by modules.

Rigel Pomares Amare / Brute Sap

Bridal bouquets, crowns, centers and decoration of spaces, are some of the creations that you can learn in the course.

More information here

Floral arrangement rental

His passion for the countryside, animals and flowers, led María Jaimez to create Be Water
A new florist concept, with an innovative and unprecedented idea: "the rental of floral centers".

Bouquets made from a flower, to which it is adding others of different sizes and colors. What art! Be watter

You can buy them to decorate weddings or events of any kind and anywhere in Spain. And, above all, at an affordable price. Unique and unrepeatable

Be watter

Arrangements made on boxes or baskets of natural fibers, based on thistles and leaves collected from the field and dried by it (