This summer ... Adopt a dog!

This summer ... Adopt a dog!

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If you do, you will win all. They will have a family and you will enjoy all the benefits of sharing life with a pet.

On the page of ANERPA (Spanish National Association for Animal Protection and Rehabilitation) you will find a list of the dogs waiting for a home. To be able to adopt you just have to fill in a simple form to determine the suitability of your family unit and your home.

Before joining the program, from ANERPA, they raise a series of points on which you should reflect if you are thinking about adopting, do not forget to take a look at the page. It is important that all members of the family unit be aware of the responsibility of having a new member in the family.

Courtesy of FAPAM

There are many reception centers throughout the national territory and many pages where you can find the one closest to your home. We recommend that you look in:

FAPAM It is the Federation of Protective and Animal Defense Associations.

ANAA National Association Friends of Animals.

Dog Friends They work since 1995 in the collection of abandoned animals and their reintegration into new families. works to help animals that have not had it easy, to have a second chance.

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