How to manage waste in the kitchen

How to manage waste in the kitchen

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To preserve the environment, it is essential to avoid using and throwing products, buy in bulk and store in jars of food already consumed. But, once again, the research responds to the current lifestyle with food grinders:

Here we show you the shredder TR50.4, from Teka and the Evolution 250, from Insinkerator, which shreds in three phases quickly and with silent technology.

Recycle all waste

For recycling to be effective, it is essential to properly separate waste. To the traditional containers and garbage cans, the organic waste has been added. What should we deposit in it? Waste of fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, eggshells, coffee grounds and infusions ... but also used paper towels and napkins, corks, matches, sawdust and garden debris. Organic waste is very small. A small cube fixed on the inside of a closet will be enough to accommodate it.

Leroy Merlin suspended cubes

Trash Recycling Bins

If you don't know where to accumulate glass, cardboard, paper or clothes until you take them to the clean spot, get yourself stackable containers.

In this kitchen: garbage recycling bins Raffle, of Ikea, with folding lid so you can open them even if you place another one on top.

Buy them here In 39 x 55 x 28 cm, (€ 7) and in 39 x 55 x 45 cm (€ 10).

Kitchen furniture with practicality

Pía Nieto, expert of, recommends placing the garbage of organic waste in the same area of ​​the sink. It can be an exempt cube or located inside a drawer, as in this kitchen.

Toolkitchen kitchen.

Waste treatment pays off

The paper on this poster is made with recycled coffee glasses.

Signature poster within store (from € 25).

How to recycle garbage:

Trash bin Trash bin

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From Bloomingville.

Organic waste Organic waste

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dustpan Brush and dustpan set

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