Small spaces: do not give up your dressing room

Small spaces: do not give up your dressing room

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Did you dream of a dressing room? Well, you're in luck, because not all dressing rooms have to be kilometric. There are small and medium ones, as we show you here. To design one, about three square meters are required. Ideally, you should be in a bedroom, but think that there are other spaces that lend themselves to having a dressing room, such as a hallway or hallway.

The dresser It can be designed on a single wall, in two L-shaped or parallel, in three U-shaped ... Check the distribution of the bedroom to see if you can gain space for the dressing room. Sometimes, just move the bed a little to gain half a meter; The bed does not always have to occupy the central place of the bedroom. It is also advisable to check clothes and accessories. Anything that you have not used for several seasons, do not keep it, donate it.

Regarding the internal distribution, the important thing is to be clear about what type of garments are used and then choose how to organize it and which accessories are the most appropriate. If you browse the Internet or approach specialized stores, you will see that there are multiple accessories for everything: in addition to the classic ties, you will find pliers for boots, hangers for scarves, multipurpose hangers, trousers, drawer organizers, boxes of all kinds and baskets.

First step: know the type of clothing that is most used and liked. Measure the length of the clothes you have and the current space occupied by the clothes to know what you have to give preference, whether to hang clothes on hangers or shelves and drawers. Finally, three basics in a dressing room: mirror, armchair or pouf and good lighting.

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A dressing room can also be projected in a bedroom with an irregular floor. In this room, the triangular entrance was perfect to install one on two fronts, which are open as a corridor to the rest area. The two fronts have an identical distribution, with bars for hanging clothes, shelves for folded clothes, pants, drawers and trunk. Reform and dressing design, of the architecture studio Meritxell Ribé. Bedding, from Filocolore.

Summer, winter and halftime

Rearrange the dressing room when the weather changes. There will be halftime clothes that you wear for months, but the most summery ones and those of the icy winter, are used much less. Therefore, nothing to mix clothes. Summer top can't be next to the wool sweater. The solution: grouping by categories, jackets, shirts, blouses ... From Ikea: closet Pax Lyngdal and drawers Komplement

Removable shelves

They are more expensive than the fixed shelves, but they are practical so that the clothes are better placed. And if you put at least two? They are really like drawers that are not very tall because they are recommended for few garments or one that is delicate, never to stack many. In this case, they carry metal bar handles that also prevent clothes from falling off.

Multipurpose boxes

Unquestionable allies of order, the boxes are made in so many formats and in so many materials that you will always find one for what you need. Before launching to buy, especially the largest, measure well the shelves where you plan to place them. If they are going to be in sight, look for a beautiful design and if it isn't, line it with paper or cloth. The boxes in this photo are used to store the shoes of another season and also the most delicate; To protect the latter from rubbing, use tissue paper. The ideal touch, place a photograph of the pair it contains. Boxes, from Muji.

A dressing room with parallel fronts

How much space do you need for such a distribution? Each closet front is about 60 cm deep and the middle aisle 90 cm. In this case, the dressing room has doors, an option for those who want to avoid at all costs that the dust seeps. To highlight the design, its numerous lower drawers, with extra bottom those located on the right. In the upper area, doors for hanging clothes and trunk. The symmetry of the dressing conveys a sense of order.

Trousers in order

The double functionality of a removable trouser: keep the clothes well hung without wrinkling and in sight. In this case it is a wide pants, but you can also choose a narrower one, which frontally only occupies the space of one pants.

Diaphanous distribution

The diaphanous dressing rooms, with hardly any sides, or divisions, have a large storage capacity. Of course, in the case of a bar too long, which could be combined with the weight, you will have to place an intermediate hook to avoid it. By the way, oval shelves are more resistant to bending than round ones.
Dressing paper, by Designers Guild, for sale in Usera Usera. Interior design, Living Pink.

In less space than you think

This L-shaped dressing takes up less space than you think. It combines three structures Pax, of Ikea, with 2.36 m of height: the largest, is 100 cm wide and has a classic distribution, with bar and chest of drawers; the smallest, with 50 cm is perfect for shelves and shoemaker; and the intermediate one, for the corner, 73 cm, was optimized with two bars.

Order in mini ornaments

Brooches, earrings and jewelry in general are usually stored in jewelers, but you can also think of other ideas and make profitable other small areas that are free. For example, on one of the sides of the dressing room or the dresser, you can do the same thing that was done here with these beautiful knobs, from Ortiz Hardware Store. They screwed and hang a few crochet strips of an old sheet. In them, forks and tweezers were placed.

Tight budget

A custom dressing will always be more expensive than a modular storage system where the elements are made in 2-3 sizes and neither the back nor the walls are lined. This dressing room, from Ikea, has been made with the system Stolmen, narrower than most closets. Its key element is the posts that can reach up to 3.30 m high, to them are added drawers, shelves, cabinets and inclined shelves for footwear.
To highlight in this design, the light colors and the maxi mirror that create a feeling of greater amplitude. Of course, before placing a large mirror, it was placed centered on the entrance, make sure you like what it will reflect, since you will see it twice.

Integrated maxi jewelry box

In a separate chest of drawers, which expands the storage area of ​​the dressing room, you can ask that the last drawer be a showcase and use it as a jeweler oversized You only need an interior organizer to create the compartments in that drawer and a glass lid.

Divide and conquer

Organize the inside of the drawers to beat the chaos. The drawers are over with everything scrambled. Use a separator so everything is in place. This transparent model is one of the many accessories that incorporate the Metropolitan Closet Company cabinets.

How many drawers?

The usual thing is to put drawers of 55 to 75 cm high, which correspond to 3-4 drawers, but can be placed more or less, according to the needs. And what measures to choose for the drawers? There is no standard measure, but it is usual for its height to range between 25-28 cm. If you order a custom dressing room, the advantage is that you can add 10-15 cm high drawers that take up little space and allow you to organize the accessories that occupy little, such as handbags, belts, gloves and scarves.
In this dressing room in L, open to the rest area, drawers, shelves, pants and modules with doors for more delicate garments are combined. The corner space has been reserved for storing clothes for longer hanging. And the trunk of each front is diaphanous, it only has a single intermediate side.