How to ensure a good economic future for you and your family

How to ensure a good economic future for you and your family

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Domestic economy

The first thing you have to do is to be aware what are your fixed costs. Write down what you pay monthly in supplies, food, transportation, health, etc. Add to these the annual ones, such as insurance and prorate between 12 months. Subtract the monthly income to the sum of the expenses and the result would be your theoretical capacity to save. Of this amount reserve a part for leisure and unforeseen and
the rest save it for the purpose you set: home, car, retirement ...

Feel safe

Experts agree on the importance of plan retirement sooner. It is a plan to complement the public pension. The most common saving tools are:

Pension plans. They have the advantage of taxing every year, but at the time of the rescue you will pay taxes for the contributions and performance. Recommended if you earn more than 60,000 euros a year and contribute approximately 8,000 euros per year.

PIAS (Individual systematic savings plan)

It is a product to save personalized long-term, from 50 euros per month. This product does not allow you to deduct annually, but in the rescue you will only pay for the performance, not for the contribution. And if you decide to withdraw it as an annuity, you will have many tax advantages.

Check your insurance: circumstances change

It is advisable to review annually Insurance conditions.

In that of the House it is necessary to verify what the content insured. The most likely thing is that you have purchased afterwards things of value that you do not have included in the contract, such as televisions, tablets, etc. It is also important to change the car. Pass it to third parties when you are over 6 years old.

Without fear of changes

Compare and study your contracts of light and gas. You may be paying more to have contracted a power greater than necessary or a rate that does not fit your habits and schedules. Renegotiation your conditions or look for another company, taking advantage of offers to new customers. Do the same with him telephone and internet, you will save 300 euros a year.

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