Go green! Biodegradable options for sustainable cuisine

Go green! Biodegradable options for sustainable cuisine

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The plastic that invades the seas is a real threat that is ending life in the oceans. Relatively recently, an image of a seahorse holding a cotton swab went viral on social networks, which leads us to think about how we have been able to reach such a sad situation. But instead of lamenting, what we have to do is look for instant solutions to return order to Mother Nature, and best of all, we can do it from home. How? Very easy, In addition to recycling, use biodegradable utensils and reduce the number of packages, for example, buying in bulk, will contribute significantly to the movement globalize. And yes, the effort will be worth it.

Advertising - Keep reading under 1 Sustainable and chic Klimer

So are these disposable bowls Perfect for a home party. Being so many guests, you won't have to worry about scrubbing or polluting the planet, and on top of that, with style! From Klimer.

2 cocktails Amazon

In addition to preparing rum and beers, do not forget to buy biodegradable glasses To have fun with a clear conscience. From Amazon.

3 To eat Klimer

Another of the classics are the plastic cutlery that we always see in campsites and beaches (unfortunately). Instead, opt for these cutlery made with corn starch. From Klimer.

4 Breakfast time Amazon

If you thought there were only biodegradable glasses, you were wrong! These cute cups are made with wheat stalk, starch and 50% polypropylene to mold hot. From Amazon.

5 Eco juices Klimer

From now on, drinking juices will no longer be synonymous with guilt thanks to the biodegradable straws made with corn starch, a 100% vegetable material that withstands temperatures up to 40º. From Klimer.

6 The shopping bag, and something else Mucha Tela Project

Plastic bags have gone down in history, or at least, those we were used to using uncontrollably in the supermarket. Instead, Mucha Tela Project they have made 100 huge bags following plastic waste found in natural spaces, who not only invite us to make the purchase, but also to participate in their cleaning expeditions. The first? The Cantabrian coast. Check out Mucha Tela Project.

7 Rich Salad Klimer

Use these tubs and salad bowls made with corn starch To bring food to work. From Klimer.

8 To the trash Klimer

Traditional plastic garbage bags represent the same problem as glasses or straws, so, we introduce you to the ideal substitutes! Made with completely biodegradable and compostable bioplastics, these garbage bags carry a breathable film that keeps food waste more fresh and dry, reducing the smell and creating a barrier It prevents the accumulation of bacteria, viruses, spores and mold. From Klimer.