Prepare a romantic breakfast to surprise your partner on Valentine's Day

Prepare a romantic breakfast to surprise your partner on Valentine's Day

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Villeroy & Boch

You always think of a dinner when celebrating this day, but you have the possibility to prepare a very special breakfast:

Although it does not match the day, the ideal is to plan it for the weekend, in which no one has to work and you can enjoy that moment without hurry.

You can prepare it at a table, but if you have trays to eat in bed, the better. It will be perfect.

Use your best dishes, which is a simple composition but with creativity. If you dare, you can also toast with a glass of cava. The occasion deserves it!

Tableware by Villeroy & Boch.

Consider the factor surprise, Leave things done the night before to make no noise and get up very carefully so that your partner does not wake up.

Take care of the details. Decorate the tray with some flower and some small detail. Try to make the juice natural and present it in a nice glass and yogurt in a bowl or bowl.

Use heart-shaped molds to cut the bread, the crêps or to decorate coffee or chocolate. And surprise your partner with a message card.

Tableware by Villeroy & Boch. Villeroy & Boch

Keep in mind your tastes. If you prefer sweet or better salty. Avoid strong or low digestive flavor ingredients.

The exotic fruits They can't be missing. Present them peeled and cut bite-size. The strawberries they like them a lot!

Accessories for a Valentine's breakfast:

Bed tray Bed tray

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Pitcher of water

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Crystal, with golden edge, from H&M Home.

goodies Heart clouds

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Surprise her with a little detail.

Cups Cups

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Flute cups of La Redoute AM.PM.

Cutlery Cutlery

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tray for sweets

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Egg cups Ceramic egg cups

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cups Coffee cups

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Porcelain and hand painted, from Pip Studio.

teapot green teapot with cup

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plate Plate with print

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