Mount the room in the garden

Mount the room in the garden

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Advertising - Read on below 1 Decorate your garden

Get ready for relaxing summer days and give that rustic touch to your garden that catches so much. The sofas They are the key piece to be as comfortable as possible, and to give a little joy and color play with different cushions.

2 Your corner of disconnection

In the same style but with some changes you can create an air "Safari"in your garden. White curtains, carpet jute and tables to eat around armchairs and sofas or as auxiliary furniture to place decorative details.

3 fun details

For those moments of weekend or when you arrive from work that you only want to disconnect, this would be a perfect corner to enjoy your garden. Complete it with a garden set: a three-seater sofa, a chaise longue module and a stool / coffee table. Add a decorative touch with some cushion.

4 Chill Out Style in your garden

Summer lunches and dinners are the best excuse to meet friends and have a good time. The style "Chill out"It is a must at this time of year. Use poufs as auxiliary furniture, a table extensible in case you are more than the account and cushions To give a touch of color.

5 Under the shade, much better

To withstand the heat and the sun in summer it is good that you mount a structure with wicker, canvas or some umbrellas to provide shade. With comfortable furniture and some cushions, you can have a nice and comfortable corner to rest.

6 The summer paradise

If you have a pool at home you have to take advantage of it and create a space to enjoy it. Try a garden set In black, you will create an L-shaped sofa with a chaise longue and auxiliary furniture.