The digital scale we all need at home

The digital scale we all need at home

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If you are one of the brave ones who have clicked on the link to get here, our most sincere congratulations… You are on the right track and you have passed the denial phase. But if it helps you at this time of year, it is normal to be a little overweight.

But beyond being overweight or not, it is clear that having a scale at home and controlling (se) regularly the weight is not only for the most chubby. The new digital scales with bluetooth help you keep a simple control over your health.

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Just don't shut up anything. In addition to your weight, very accurately, they also measure body mass index, fat index, basal metabolism, bone mass ... and so on up to 11 metrics.

Current digital scales, like this one, connect via Bluetooth with your mobile phone and synchronize your health data in your App.

There is no escape friends!

But all for a good cause ... Our health. Cheer up and join the enemy: Put an intelligent scale in your life. In addition to the modern designs of current lines are a decorative element in your bathroom.

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