10 Viking-inspired houses that Ragnar Lothbrok would like to conquer

10 Viking-inspired houses that Ragnar Lothbrok would like to conquer

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Guild war

Viking fever has filled the screens of homes with their mead horns and their imposing drakkars, vintage of Floki, and is that the adventures of Ragnar Lothbrok and his descendants are the less interesting. As much as their houses: small wooden jewels that we can find today in Viking villages (yes, they exist) like that of Foteviken in Sweden. But since not everyone has enough time or financial resources to take a trip to the Nordic country, here is a selection of Viking-inspired houses that will make you love the Valkyries.

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The same logs they used to build their ships are now displayed in this luxury cabin only suitable for the King of Norway.

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The perfect panorama

Who wouldn't want to conquer a house with such a bedroom?

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The best views

Between the trunks of the trees, the windows and the views, Ragnar would never get on a ship again.

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One of the many Viking huts that you will find in the town of Foteviken.

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Living in a drakkar

What it would be like to live in a drakkar viking? Well, something very similar to this little wooden house, but outdoors and out to sea!

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True viking

If you are looking to live the authentic Viking experience, take note of this cabin!

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Preparing the expedition

The perfect room to meet and plan the next expedition. Although with such sofas and armchairs, who would want to go sailing?

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A bath of gods

After a long day enduring the low temperatures of the forest, a warm bath is the best reward.

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The bedroom of the minivikings

Four berths for four future warriors (and warriors).

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In addition to the warmth of the fireplace, in this house Ragnar could enjoy the relaxing swinging of the swing, and thus, perhaps, his desire for conquest was mitigated ...

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