A high-flying loft

A high-flying loft

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Sobriety, functionality, spaciousness and luminosity seasoned with a few drops of coquetry; This was the master formula that was used to decorate this attraction Madrid loft. Much of its charm lies in the modernity of structures and home automation systems that equip it; not in vain is part of an exclusive development of the Liquid Investments developer that based construction on an idea of architect Federico Sotomayor that bets on creative and technological spaces to live and be inspired. Immense glass windows, heights of six meters in certain areas, diaphanous plants and concrete floors reinforce this concept today come true.

Conditioning such a magnificent space and providing it with warmth without losing that point of sophistication was a task assumed by the Andean & Tapia interior design studio. Their long experience and experience in this field prompted them to play with the wise contrasts of styles. A triumph singular eclecticism, with striking designer furniture and stunning upholstery, in black and gray, that coexist with the friendliest face of vintage furniture and the charm of rustic pieces. The kitchen is perhaps the space that best conveys this feeling; a whole front of furniture of refined lines and high-end appliances share the space without problems with a dining room of marked country air.

The bathroom It is one of the few environments that does not have the double ceiling height; The goal was to achieve a somewhat more intimate and warm area, perfect to encourage relaxation. For this reason, it was located under the loft that houses the bedroom. On the first floor, although overlooking the rest of the house through a glass railing, privacy and a decoration that conveyed pleasant sensations were sought. For this, the asymmetry of the elements was taken as a starting point; A careful combination of shapes and colors far from the traditional coordination transmits charm and personality to the room.

The dressing area, without doors, occupies a full front while two flirty antique trunks replace conventional bedside tables. Soft cushions and cushions stand out on the bed chaired by a suggestive treated image, all covered by soft and fluffy carpets of diverse origin.

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A fair dose of wit and careless triumphs in the decoration of the room. A bicycle supported by the stairs or three nice ants climbing the wall are original resources to dress the walls that mark the distance from the conventional. Bucket-shaped side table, from Andina & Tapia; about her, vase, from Becara. Openwork white metal coffee table, from Usera Usera. Behind the sofa, the sculpture comes from Ricardo French Antiques. Metal ants, for sale in Vinçon.

Natural light

The spectacular window that presides over the living area made possible the choice of gray upholstery and chrome elements without risk of darkening the environment. In addition, the wide carpet in raw color is the best resource to multiply clarity. Sofa designed by Andina & Tapia. The hair pillows and the wool rug are from the KP firm. Coffee tables, by Maison du Monde and Wassily armchairs, designed by Marcel Breuer, in Castelló 120.

Decorated with personal details

The presence of accessories, books, candles, souvenirs and photographs provide the personal seal to the house. A decoration contrasted and enriched in this way reflects attractive and comfortable spaces. In the foreground, vases of Zara Home and mirror box with butterfly-shaped closure, by Laura Ashley. In the background, white furniture, by Ikea. Above it, framed photos of Pasquale Caprile and Luisma Ruiz for Brocar. On the floor, photo, by Luis Visconti. Lamp, from Maison du Monde for Andina & Tapia.

Combine decorative styles

The structure of the house, made of concrete and iron, becomes the perfect framework to accommodate very diverse decorative styles. Designer furniture, rustic, vintage and antiques alternate with romantic details on the ground floor. Antique chest of drawers, by Andina & Tapia; about her, complements, by Laura Ashley, Ikea and Becara. Picture, by Jesús Narváez. Rocking chair, from La Alegre Company. Cushion, from Zara Home.

Contrast elements, in terms of style and color, enrich and mark distances in each environment.

Armchair with footrest, by Tado Antigüedades. Metal coffee table, from Usera Usera. Coffee tables, from Maison du Monde for Andina & Tapia. On them, vases and accessories of Zara Home and Usera Usera.

Shared space

The open floor plan allowed to locate the main dining room next to the kitchen, completely open and made in white. The best way to break the design was to opt for a wooden table and metal chairs bounded by a lilac carpet. Antique dining table, from La Europea. Metal chairs AC model of Tolix for sale in Castelló 120. Wool rug model Brillos Efekto Seda, from KP. Kitchen with furniture from Gunni & Trentino.

Warehouse areas

Like the cupboards from before but in a more renewed version, shelves complete the dining room and allow you to have all kinds of utensils and accessories always at your fingertips. Metal shelving with dishes, jugs and jars; All for sale in Ikea. Manteles, from Becara. On the table: crockery, Zara Home and fruit bowl, Laura Ashley. Silverware and candlestick, from Restelo.

The bedroom

The maximum when decorating the rest area was conceived as the most personal space in the house. The furniture gives prominence to the memories and old elements that, with their peculiarity, fill the whole room with life. Modular wardrobe, boxes and baskets, from Ikea. The clothes and accessories are by Eleonora Amadei. Antique iron chair, by Raúl Martins. Bedding and pillows from Zara Home, Usera Usera and In Dietro. Photo, by Kino Acosta for Andina & Tapia.

Corners to dream

The spaciousness of the sleeping area, which occupies the mezzanine, allowed to create intimate corners to relax. Highlights the reading corner, with a chaise-longue upholstered in pony skin and accompanied by a floor lamp shaped maxi flexo.
Chaise-longue upholstered in pony leather, from Natuzzi. Flexo XL, by Maison du Monde. The photo belongs to the Arribas file and comes from Brocar

Work zone

A panoramic view of almost the entire house can be seen from the small office that was installed in the bedroom. To decorate it, he fled from the classic study furniture since it was a coquettish but practical space. Desk, by Andina & Tapia. Antique iron chair, by Raúl Martins. Carpet with long hair, from KP. Metallic flexo, by Habitat. Mirror boxes, by Laura Ashley. Cup with plate, from Zara Home.

Low furniture

Baúl, from La Europea; lamparita y portreretratos, of Ikea; KP bedside rug.


It is the only closed space in the whole house and is located on the ground floor, in the area where the roof is lower, to reinforce the feeling of intimacy. It is decorated in a simple and functional style, with modern and resistant coatings and sanitary design in white. Slate tiles and tiles in different shades, wardrobe under the sink and Frozen toilets; Everything from Gunni & Trentino. The carpet is from Ikea. Accessories, from Zara home. Photo by Luis Visconti for sale in Brocar.

Plane and ideas

The use of glass allowed to fuse all spaces; From the railing of the stairs to the one that defines the bedroom they were chosen in this material so light and in a completely transparent finish.
- The iron structure of the staircase, which could be heavy, was relieved by dispensing with risers. The frontal sensation is of total breadth and transparency when the bottom is seen through the steps.
- And when organizing the environments, nothing like the simple use of carpets to delimit them. We like the selection of colors and textures, which, although different, give the set of harmony and balance.