Amazon launches its own food for dogs and cats

Amazon launches its own food for dogs and cats

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Amazon surprises us again. Remiauuuu!

Amazon has released its own brand of pet food, specifically for dogs and cats, developed by animal nutritionists and reviewed by veterinarians.

Lifelong products are available in the form of dry feed and wet food for both dogs and cats. With different flavors and in different formats for different ages and sizes.

Do you dare to try it?

Lifelong Complete food for adult cats.

Buy € 27.70 (96 bags x 100g)

Lifelong Complete food for adult dogs.

Buy € 35.09 € 9.58 (24 bags x 100g)

Lifelong Dry food complete for adult cats

Buy € 32.64 (10 k)

Buy € 37.14 (15 k)

And if you complete it with an automatic feeder?

Automatic feeder for dogs and cats.

Buy € 144.99

It has an HP camera, night vision and you drive it through an App.

Although there are cheaper options ...

Electronic Control Pet Feeder.

Buy € 46.99


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