Ingenious ideas that give your old furniture a second chance

Ingenious ideas that give your old furniture a second chance

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Tune with vinyl

An outdated dresser, a bedside table with a glossy and old-fashioned varnish finish, a dark or too serious closet ...

Self adhesive vinyl they take years off any furniture, no matter how obsolete it has been. Here you have the best example.

This stamped on animal print,Tenvinilo signature, it is the most fun and chic.

Placing it is as easy as peeling the protective paper and fixing the vinyl in question on the surface of the furniture. You will transform it completely. In addition, it is a reversible decoration. When you are tired, you just have to lift it to leave the furniture as it was before. A quick and easy way to recycle any piece!

New life for your chairs!

If they are impeccable, why are you going to throw your chairs? Give them a second chance and turn them into unique models. That is what has been done in this example.

Maintaining the finish of the structure, backups have been customized and the crossbars with Annie Sloan paint. The first ones were decorated with colorful and different prints made with a stencil template, which you can make yourself. The crossbars were painted in three different shades of green. The result is that beautiful. We love!

Aged finishes

Furniture that seems old without fashion, such as the mirror, is the protagonist of an attractive still life proposed by Texture.

To imitate an aged finish, nothing like using paint. Paint the background in a neutral color with chalk paint. Above this hand, it extends a powerful tone in contrast. Before it has dried, sandpaper with abrasive paper affecting some areas to expose the initial color. Finish with a hand of wax. Ideal!

Removable furniture ... with boxes

A study table or a shelf of several heights. See how simple it is to set up an "alternative" children's bedroom with wooden boxes. It is an idea of Back to school

Some have been placed as legs of a board and form a small table. Others have been painted white, and stacked and well anchored to the wall with screws, form a modular shelf system for books, dolls ... Pixel polka dot paper completes a very festive atmosphere.

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