Keys to distribute square rooms

Keys to distribute square rooms

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The shape of this room determines the way of planning and, of course, decorating it. To make your task easier, we offer you a lot of practical solutions to distribute your square room.

Advertising - Read on below 1 Oriented towards the light

In this room, the furniture has been arranged around a large window to gain breadth. The sofa is placed in "L" with two armchairs, by Maison Decor.

2 Work area

A work area with a table and chair, both from Balda, has been mounted next to the window. The area has become independent with a work wall that conceals the radiator. On this one a shelf that serves as auxiliary support has been placed.

3 Color counterpoint

The contrast of tones marks the difference between the living room, with white Chivasso upholstery, and the dining room, with an iron table, designed by Carmen Galbé. Ideal!
Proposals to succeed
Dedicate a third of the space to the dining room and the rest to be. This will give the feeling that the room is more elongated and you will optimize the available meters, since being more precise. Choose light pieces, such as coffee tables with glass top or corner tables with metal structure, so as not to overwhelm the environment.

4 Seats on three fronts

Arrange the "U" shaped sofas, to make the most of the space, and take advantage of the gaps between them, to place lamps or auxiliary furniture. By distributing in this way the sofa, the armchair and the two folding poufs that delimit the space, a very cozy atmosphere has been achieved. Everything in Casagrande.