Copy the style: An elegant bedroom decorated in pink, white and salmon

Copy the style: An elegant bedroom decorated in pink, white and salmon

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Textiles in velvety tones dress this room proposed by the firm Camengo. The main color palette goes from the pink chalk of the upholstered headboard, to the salmon of the curtains, through the lilac of some decorative object, such as the vase.

There is none in the color selection that is excessive or too intense. The idea was clear: create a relaxed and calm atmosphere, but without resorting to minimalism. On the contrary, the cushions and the profusion of prints wrap without motley.


The first is a forced fund, which highlights and brings light to the pantone chosen one. White are the walls and furniture. The bright and coppery flashes of the lamp and the curtain flowers, as well as the yellow sparks of the cushions, they put solar notes, very alive. They add the necessary touch so that the excessive chromatic “sweetness” does not bind. They are also warm but groundbreaking colors, perfect companions of sets as soft and successful as the one in the photograph above.

Furniture for an elegant and feminine bedroom

Bedside table

Side table Capri, With the decorated drawers. It's from Portobello Street, 99 €.

cushion, patterned butterflies

Sheath cushion with butterfly print, 9,99 €, from Zara Home.

White and ceramic decorative cat

This is this decorative cat, 7,99 €, from Maisons du Monde.

vase embossed vase

It's a yellow model, from Hema, 5 €.

Jewelry box for the flirtatious

Jeweler round, 24,95 €, in Maisons du Monde.

bottle design vase

A proposal from Hema, for 4 €.

easel frame picture

It is metal and costs 7,99 €, in Maisons du Monde.

Blankets Floral jacquard blankets

It measures 130x170 cm, 39,99 €. In Zara Home.

table side table

Of iron and golden threads. You are in Zara Home, by 99,99 €.