How to choose the right radiator

How to choose the right radiator

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RadiatorsThe iron ones are resistant; aluminum, light and economical; those made of sheet steel and those made of stainless steel heat up very quickly.

Types.The electric one does not generate waste or odors; the gas is clean and safe; the radiant floor is
economical and comfortable; and the heat pump, is used for cold and heat.

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Maintenance.Check for water leaks as it will cause air to enter and accumulate in the radiator. Purge and control circuit pressure.

According to the energy contribution.The radiators are water, the most used; electric and blue heat, -Its inner liquid is oil and is heated by resistance-.

Without installation.You can transport heaters, electric radiators and gas stoves from one room to another without difficulty.

Keep the temperature at 19-21º C, and at night at 15-17º C. You will increase the energy expenditure by 7% for each degree of more. Thermor

The most efficient systems.
They offer good efficiency-saving boilers and biomass stoves (fed with wood or pellets). The central / individual gas heating is the system that offers greater comfort with less maintenance. In the last place are gas stoves and thermal emitters (dry, fluid and ceramic).

Heat / cold in a device.
If you want a single system, choose a heat pump air conditioner. It means the lowest expense in electrical solutions, although not the same benefits as other options.

Thermoelectric transmitter: choose well.It all depends on the time you are going to connect the radiator or device in question to the mains. For less than 1 hour a day, opt for a dry quick heat emitter. Between 5-8 hours a day, the best is one of fluid: it is heated before, although it accumulates less heat than a ceramic one. When you need more than 8 hours, choose a ceramic model: it takes time to reach the temperature, but then offers more thermal inertia.

Safe boilers.You should check them periodically and mandatory. The Regulation of Thermal Installations in Buildings (RITE) indicates that the user has to do it every 2 years, in the case of gas boilers. In the case of water heaters, this review will be done every 5 years. As for diesel boilers, the review is annual.

There are radiators that you can either hang on the wall or use standing up, like this white aluminum thermal emitter. It is programmable and is operated with remote control.


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