10 ideas to combat anxiety at home

10 ideas to combat anxiety at home

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Luckily or unfortunately, we have had to live in the era of immediacy and hyperconnectivity, and all this leaves a mark on health that occurs in the form of stress and anxiety. That is why your house should be a refuge where you can isolate yourself and live in calm for at least a few hours. To get it, you just have to follow some small tips ... and peace will be with you!

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Reading is another of the best therapies that exist, and it is also free. But for the experience to be fully effective, you need to have a reading corner in conditions.

Here are lots of examples to inspire you.

Run away from depressing colors

Don't you think about putting a black duvet cover. Warm and cheerful tones contribute to cheer up the mood, but don't choose a very strident one like red, since it can alter you more.

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Choose relaxing music

Music helps much more than you think, and choosing a soundtrack suitable for the time you spend at home will help you live in calm.

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Put aromatic bars

Choose the smell that you like the most because it will be the one that accompanies you as soon as you enter the house, but remember to be soothing!

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Turn your shower into a spa

It is important that at least once a week you book a time of day to give yourself a homemade spa session. Scrubs, oils, candles ... everything you need to relax.

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We are not saying that you become Monet, but simply focusing your attention on painting a picture while combining colors is one of the best therapies you can do. Promised.

Play an instrument

Nor do we want you to be Jimi Hendrix, but sitting on the couch or in bed and playing the strings, or concentrating on taking out a song note by note, is an activity that relaxes and motivates in equal parts. Dare yourself!


And no, not for obligation, but for pleasure. Learn to cook new dishes, something that will have fun and keep your head busy.

Here are several examples of fun meals.

Create a technology free zone

Neither mobile nor computers, in your house there should be an area (preferably the bedroom) where you can isolate yourself from technology. Your mind will thank you!

Buy a lavender plant

The smell of lavender has relaxing properties, so put a plant near the bed so that when bedtime comes you can fall asleep better.

Here you can find more tricks to combat anxiety.