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In this four-storey, Located in Madrid, everything is in sight since the environments are practically not compartmentalized with partitions. Its owners took care of every detail of the reform with the idea of ​​respecting at all times the original style of construction and interiors provide a fresh spirit, according to the creative character of the owner, Marta Corsini.

The living room and the work area are located on the first floor. In a basement, the kitchen and dining room. And on the upper levels, the master bedroom with bathroom and dressing room and the children's room. The unit in decoration, even if Specific details for each stay, It results in an interior design chained through the four floors, full of personal details present in Marta's designs. In the kitchen, the play of color and retro aesthetics transport to a charming family space.

Back in the bedroom, again feels the fresh style and creative Marta hand. She is the author of the decoration of the room of his daughter, Juliet, a space dream in wood with several rooms: the rest area a small dressing room with cupboards and drawers and the playground. In the main room the wood also provides the extra warmth. Here, textiles and shades speak of a simple beauty, of calm and of the importance of natural light in the interiors.

Marta's hobbies - reading, cooking, painting, design, sewing ... - and her work are perceived at home. They are his life and are part of the essence of these walls in which the boundaries between obligation and devotion merge. Marta enjoys what she does, and that is appreciated in a decoration fresh, natural, very experienced and shared.

Advertising - Read below a hall very personal

This property is distributed vertically, on four floors. The weight of the ladder in each level is undeniable so the owner, Marta Corsini, wanted make a decorative element. A composition of personal photographs and drawings of the small family share a wall with works by the artist Eugenio Merino. The lamp that hangs from the ceiling is an adaptation of Marta from a model of the 60s.

A spacious and light living room

On the first floor of the house is the living room, which shares space with the work corner. It includes a seating area, distributed in an L-shape, and facing the windows and the fireplace.

Cushions: in black and white, from Ikea, and those of ethnic print, were bought on a trip. Green sofa, family.

In the living room, sofas Corner

The diversity and disparity of styles, with a varied color palette, are responsible for the stamp personnel mark the interior design of this apartment in every room. The look of Marta Corsini, the owner, discovers in each space the possibilities of light.

From Ikea: neutral tone sofa, carpet and side table Ikea PS 2012, with glass top.

The protagonist, fireplace

It is a design by Marta, who integrated it completely in the front and turned it into the axis of symmetry of being. On both sides, the owner reserved openings to store the firewood.

A detail: on the shelf that is on the sofa, a projector converts being in a movie theater.

The perfect reading nook

A wingback chair that envelops you, the idyllic picture of the chimney to the side and a clamp lamp on the shelf to illuminate the hours of reading.

Wingchair model Hernani, Gaston and Daniela.

Mix of styles

In the variety is the taste ... And in this case, the success. It is the diversity of prints and styles that brings that vivid character to the living area. In addition, the lightness of the auxiliary parts, which act here as a center composition, leave the central area clear.

Work corner

Here the owner gives free rein to her creativity. With an extra luminosity, the large table is the protagonist. Indispensable auxiliary to organize the material.

Table and wall are shelves LACK, from Ikea. Chairs, from Calma Chechu and similar shelving in the same store. Flexo, Sancer.

Working space

In addition to comfortable and bright, this report is organized in a practical way with the material at hand on a shelf with compartmentalized boxes and baskets.

Lyrics, Sandra Marques sale.

An old office

Marta, fond of storing cans and glass jars, later decorate them, no doubt display them as collector's items in the office. The showcase, old, was restored and stripped by the owner. Each object accentuates the retro aesthetics of the entire kitchen.

Mesa, similar Chechu calm. The chairs come from this store. Tablecloth and napkins, Sandra Marques.

A kitchen with vintage air

Both the coverings and the furniture line, with display cabinets in the upper modules, collaborate in vintage aesthetics.

It is a design by María López Montero, carried out by KitchenChic. Ceiling lamp, by Santa & Cole.

Children's room

Juliet is the queen of the house and his mother, architect of the interior of his room and wanted it to feel. Marta Corsini, which is dedicated to designing children's rooms, relished every election so that in addition to meeting the needs of rest, this environment became
witness moments of fun and games.

Wardrobes ...

... Like the house of a story. The cabinet doors incorporate the children's room paneled windows on top, dressed in textile curtains diced vichy.

A room as her daughter

The colors, intense brushstrokes in red, strawberry and navy blue in textiles, animate the composition.

Tent on the playground, Ikea.

Custom furniture and wood

Furniture adapted to the inclination of the roofs as Juliet's room is located on the top floor of the house is made of wood in honey tone.

The master bedroom with en-suite bathroom

Accessories and textiles put the exquisiteness in the master bedroom with its textures, cheerful tones and prints. In combination with wood, the result is a pleasant, very relaxed country air.

Bedside tables, 50s design, similar in Calma Chechu, such as table lamps. Marta transformed a headboard, from Ikea, to adapt it to her taste and needs. Bedding, Sandra Marques. Cushions, acquired on a trip.

A head adapted to the space

Cling to that piece of furniture that you like. You can always customize. The owner of this house molded headboard Mandal, from Ikea, to the wall of his bedroom when he clicked it to save the light switches.

Bedroom suite

Reform in one of the bedrooms was integrated into the main room to give it a new use: a dressing romantic style, distributed on three fronts.

Cabinets, designed by Marta Corsini. The curtains are made with old fabrics. Armchair inheritance.

bathroom with shower

The bathroom keeps the balance with the decoration of the whole house. Wood retains its role in the washbasin cabinet, designed by Marta Corsini. Next to it, the shower with wall and fixed glass wall to the ceiling.

Details teem femaleness

Combines functionality with charm: ten hand creams you use daily, desmaquillantes disks or your favorite fragrance in delicate glass jars.

Cosmetic jars, glass jars and towels, for sale at Sandra Marques.

Plan and ideas of the reform

- Marta Corsini, designer children's environments, He booked the top floor of his house for his daughter. He designed a diaphanous room with several environments, although with two main premises: keep the central space clear and gain storage capacity.

- The execution of the owner in his work It responds to the specific needs and tastes of parents and children in terms of style and colors. In the bedroom of the girl, saw the wooden cabinet doors, drawer units and some fronts, in designs that cater to the particularity of the attic floor.