A renovated Nordic style house

A renovated Nordic style house

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Miriam Yeleq

A new and fresh house that conveys peace and harmony. That was what the owner of this apartment wanted Alcobendas, Madrid; That is why he commissioned a comprehensive reform to the Roma & Ro Studio.

They left their taste for the Nordic style, in which the calm tones, but they introduced color doses, since the owner has a girl. To personalize the main room, blue, the owner's favorite color, was used on a neutral tone basis. In this bedroom television was dispensed with to give way to reading; Therefore, a bedside table with drawers was placed next to the bed to store the pending copies.

The bathroom, type suite room, it was completely reformed: the original marble was removed to gain centimeters and it was tiled in white, which conveys a feeling of spaciousness. The bathtub was exchanged for a shower and, in addition, it was decided to place a mirror of horizontal format to reflect the light of the bedroom and so that from this one the blue gresite of the shower, of Hisbalit, could be appreciated and to achieve the visual fusion between both stays

In the child's bedroom A functional stay was created, so that as the girl grows, she adapts to her needs. The wooden plinth was kept at medium height, and combined with wallpaper in the upper area, which can be replaced by a model according to each age. The small bathroom was also refurbished by changing the shower tray for a bathtub. In short, a house tailored to its inhabitants.

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Advertising - Keep reading under Shelving without back

The lounge is divided into two areas at the express wish of the owner. On the one hand there is the living area and, hidden behind the shelf without rear, a space with a sofa-bed, to accommodate possible guests.


Gray Tone Sofa

Paper, by Nina Campbell. Curtain fabric, by Fancy Decor. Kenay Home: cushions, klim and ceramic vases rose quartz.

Vases as a focal point

Pieces to taste vintage. Add a retro note to a corner of your home with special pieces, such as these vases, from Kenay Home. It will become a focal point.

Blue jarapa

Sofa bed, by Maisons du Monde, and bookcase, by Ikea. Coffee set, by A Loja do Gato Preto. Chair, doll and floor cushions, from Zara Home. Blue Jarapa, from Kenay Home.


Ladyboy on dining room table

The dining room is included in the living room, as a third area. In him the Nordic style was respected, as evidenced by the choice of different models of chairs around the table. Picture by María Miralles. Table and chairs, from La Forma. The carpet is from Zara Home and the Janejuana, from Kenay Home.

Roller vinyls

To clarify the light, which flows through the windows, roller blinds were chosen, very easy to collect and clean.
Hexagonal tile, from Hisbalit. Pot of Ikea. On the table: blue vase and set of patterned cups, from A Loja do Gato Preto; Kenay Home glass bottle, where the bottle and casserole are also next to the refrigerator (in the image on the right).

Add a brushstroke of color

The kitchen, matching. If you decide on neutral tones, add a brushstroke of color. You can animate the set with accessories in the same range and extend it to the kitchenware and textile accessories.

The comfortable and functional kitchen

The kitchen was completely renovated. The owner, who works outside the home, wanted a functional and comfortable space because she doesn't usually eat in it, but she does use it to prepare her daughter's dinners and meals. He opted for a very bright tiling, in white, and a gray floor. The only concession to color was made in the base of the work area, covered with a hexagonal stoneware, and in the chairs, in an intense green color.


White staircase

The white staircase is from Ikea, as is the bathroom cabinet. A functional element to place bathroom items.


Baby bed

In order for the room to adapt to the girl's growth, a crib bed was chosen. In addition, it was sought that over time the room does not maintain an environment too childish. Baby bed, from Mothercare. Above her, a blanket from Zara Home. The shelves are from Ikea. Carpet by Zara Home Kids. Rocker,
of Decorate your Soul.

Separate with style

In the room of the little ones in the house, keep your toys in order in boxes or shelves. It is better that, at first glance, it seems clear: an orderly domination will always give a greater feeling.

Ikea filing cabinets

The work area, which has plenty of natural light, is accessed from both the master bedroom and the girl's bedroom. The filing cabinets are from Ikea and the blue basket, from Leroy Merlyn.

Secretary in the work area

The terrace, closed in its day by the former owner, has become a bright office. Is now
a practical and current work zone. Secreter, of Ikea and chair, of Laroshe. Boxes on the closet,
from Howards Storage World. Carpet, by A Loja do Gato Preto.


White and wood finish

A very practical desk. Bet on the work area for a functional design; This model allows you to fold the envelope and, when closed, goes unnoticed. Its finish, in white and wood, is consistent with the decoration.

Ladder to organize small objects

Join the stairs and change the drawers for the baskets. They not only serve to reach things in height, but also to organize small objects, for example, in the bathroom. Blue towel, from A Loja do Gato Preto.

Bed without headboard Miriam Yeleq

Headboard The owner did not want to have one in her bedroom, so she chose to paint the wall on which the bed rests in blue, and decorate with cushions in different shades and prints.
Vases on the bedside table, by A Loja
Do Gato Preto. Carpet, by Kenay Home.

Wall sconces

Even if you replace the lamps with wall sconces, do not give up the bedside table, it is practical and decorative. Remember that if you include drawers, you will have books to read, medicines or night-time cosmetics on hand.

Ceiling light

Blue is the owner's favorite tone and, as it combines perfectly with the Nordic style, it was chosen for the master bedroom, making it the most personal room in the whole house. Ceiling lamp, by LMA Lighting. Shelves, from Ikea. Closet with mirror door, from Amazon. The cushions, the plaid and the quilt are from the Kenay Home store.

Colored towels for the bathroom

Washbasin cabinet, from Ikea. The towels are from A Loja do Gato Preto.

Washbasin with chest of drawers

Washbasin cabinet, from Ikea. The towels
They are from A Loja do Gato Preto.

Distribution plan

Floor distribution plan.


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