A home with a lot of 'hygge', the Danish happiness formula

A home with a lot of 'hygge', the Danish happiness formula

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In a society like ours, so aware of work, social networks, and always thinking about the future instead of focusing on what we are doing, it makes sense that a philosophy like hygge Danish is welcoming so much fame. Because, let's face it, there comes a time when so much hyperconnectivity is unbearable ...

But ... you still don't know what this curious word is about? Well basically It is summarized in several guidelines that, if you apply them every day, will significantly improve your quality of life. For example, decorating your home in a cozy way is essential so you can disconnect from the world when you get home from work. And that also includes (if you can), perform outdoor activities, like sitting on the sunbed to read a novel or eat on the porch while enjoying a conversation with your family. Because for the Danes family and friends are very important, although you should know that The philosophy hygge works best with small groups. That is, if you are going to prepare a barbecue, do not invite 30, but 10 at most!

You want to know a few tricks to turn your house into the temple of hygge? Check out the photo gallery ...

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Think of your favorite color, and take it to the bedroom! But choose well, because you will have to spend every night in it ... so it is better that the sheets and the duvet cover are soft!

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And if you do it in a reading corner decorated to your liking, much better!

Decorate the room inspired by nature

Opt for green tones that remind you of the freshness of the grass, and do not forget a very soft sofa for those cold afternoons by the fireplace ... with the mobile off!

Fill the house with lanterns

One of the rules of hygge, is to decorate the interior as the exterior to create a free and cozy atmosphere. So the lanterns and candles, are essential!

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Give yourself a tribute ... often

Pamper yourself is another requirement for a life hyggeThat's why it is important that you have your own spa at home. Scrubs, body oils ... there are many options!

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Healthy cooking but don't deprive yourself of anything

Eat well but treat yourself occasionally, because anxiety is worse! Also, nothing will happen because you drink chocolate from time to time, that life is two days.

Live outdoors

Install a dining room on the porch and enjoy the fresh air with your loved ones! And add garlands of lights for the night ...

Take care of your plants

If you have trouble keeping your attention, gardening may be the activity you need. By having your hands between the earth, you will not be able to keep an eye on the mobile ... and you will connect with nature!

Do you play any sport

But not anyone is worth it, but one that you like and really fancy. If you tend to hyperactivity, go for a run, and if you prefer calm, try yoga.

Install a bathtub ... on the porch!

Why not? It is cheaper and easier to install than a pool, and the wine glasses feel so good among bubbles ...