This is how a house should be ... according to Feng Shui

This is how a house should be ... according to Feng Shui

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The Feng shui It is a Chinese philosophical system that consists of the conscious and harmonious location of space, and its objective is to improve the quality of life of people living in a certain place. From the hand of the interior designer Erika Suberviola, who is also an expert in this discipline, her basic principles have been applied in a concrete house that serves as a reference. In it Erika chose pastel tones in various shades to differentiate each room, the most public as the living room and other more private, such as the bedrooms. According to the interior designer “Feng Shui is an awareness of where you live or work, because it depends on how you are, so will you be.” With these tips it will be easy to finally say at home!


1. Kitchen fengThe most appropriate color in a kitchen for walls, ceilings and furniture, according to Feng Fhui, is white since it is related to purity and hygiene. Hence, this is the predominant tone in this case. The earth and the greens are also beneficial.

2. Correct lightingLight is vital in any room since it is responsible for providing warmth. You should choose different points of light according to the environment you want to create: downlight on the ceiling, LED strips under the furniture, hanging lamps, standing ...

3. Separate areasSurely you will never have thought about it but, according to this discipline, in the kitchen it is very important to avoid that the cooking zone is next to the sink. If you can not avoid it because when buying the house they were already distributed, you have to interpose between some element of cooked clay or wood. Here it was solved by placing a cutting board.

4. To the trash!Items that are damaged or do not work well should be removed immediately, as their presence alters CHI or the energy of the room. As for the garbage can, it has to remain inside a closet (better, under the sink). And if it is not possible, always keep it well covered.

5. Two better than oneIn the couple's bedrooms the keyword is duality. And for symmetry to prevail, there should be two repeated elements: two bedside tables, two carpets ... And two beds? Do not! Feng Shui advises a single bed since that symbolic separation of sleeping each in his bed could affect the relationship in a negative way.

Check out below: how this house was decorated.

Advertising - Keep reading below 1 Good vibes as soon as you enter BIDERBOST PHOTO

The white, the wood and the choice of different points of light provide that degree of warmth necessary in the house that makes the tuning circulate when passing through the door.


Furniture, colors, decorative objects ... Everything has to fit perfectly in each room of the house. In the living room, blue, gray and white tones have been chosen that encourage rest. In Feng Shui, these colors suggest and enhance clarity and fluidity in our lives.

3 The first feeling BIDERBOST PHOTO

In our house must be of full well-being. The housing of this report was decorated in general in soft and neutral tones. The room was personalized with some illustrations of Desenio, with the initials of the owners and with images that they themselves chose, with which they felt identified.


According to the premises of Feng Shui it is important that we surround ourselves with personal symbols, objects that, for different reasons, we love and feel ours. Thus we will create our particular paradise, a personalized space that talks about our tastes and dreams.

5 Washable carpet BIDERBOST PHOTO

The blue color brings clarity. Washable rug Hippy Stars, by Lorena Canals (€ 115).


Circular designs make energy flow. Jute and cotton pouf, from Maisons du Monde (€ 70).

7 Correct balance in the kitchen BIDERBOST PHOTO

Feng Shui considers cooking as the heart of the house. An ancestral way of feeling this room that, little by little, prevails in today's kitchens. The quality of the food that is ingested in it and the nutritional capacity are determined, to a large extent, by the correct balance of the kitchen.

8 Harmony and abundance BIDERBOST PHOTO

You will find it curious, but the harmony of this area will affect both the health of its owners and the abundance of housing.

9 Concentration of forces BIDERBOST PHOTO

The guest bedroom was given a youthful appearance. In it the 5 elements of Feng Shui have been represented: fire, in illumination; earth, in the mustard color; metal, in gray and white tones; water, in dark colors; and wood, across the pavement.

10 Mustard Tones BIDERBOST PHOTO

With Ikea furniture as a base, the room acquires personality thanks to the textile and decorative pieces in mustard tones.

11 Master Bedroom BIDERBOST PHOTO

The bed is the most important furniture in the rooms and its location is crucial to feel calm and relaxed. In this master bedroom different shades of green predominate, a color that brings growth.

With headboard Feng Shui advises that the bed is arranged so that both the door and the windows can be seen from it and that it has a headboard, because this is a symbol of protection. Its absence can produce an unpleasant sensation of weightlessness or restlessness.


For the lining of the closet doors, the interior designer opted for the same melamine finish as that of the headboard. If you want to have a full-length mirror, place it inside the door because its visible presence activates the energy and prevents relaxation.

13 Patterned paper BIDERBOST PHOTO

Vertical stripes give breadth. Patterned paper Eaton stripe camomila, by Laura Ashley (€ 66 / roll).