A renovated house with success

A renovated house with success

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A comprehensive reform in an old house, located in a building of the 50s in Barcelona, ​​between Paseo de Gracia and Vía Augusta. Hogara, Architecture, Interior Design and Reforms has been in charge of the project to transform it completely. Now the living room and dining room communicate with the kitchen, which if it was a space that communicated with the inner courtyard, has now received natural light in the main room.

The owners, a young couple with a baby, had specific needs and the desire for a warm and familiar but current environment. Thus the 80 square meters with which the house has been distributed in two bedrooms, one of them with integrated bathroom. A second bathroom and a large day space, as well as a terrace and gallery.

Modern and current lines are heated with natural materials. The simple coatings range from wood to hydraulic imitation tiles, a very trendy retro touch. Shades of sand stain everything.

The lamps come from Space Lighting and Marset Iluminación and many of the furniture, from Pilma.

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Photography: Lula Poggy

Advertising - Keep reading below Living room, dining room and kitchen

In the reform of this house, the kitchen, which previously communicated with an interior patio, has been moved to the room that receives the light from the main facade. Now share space with the living room and dining room.

A neutral environment, the perfect base

All in neutral tones (sand and white) with the warmth that the wood provides. The furniture, with basic lines, fits in any style. It will be the complements that fully personalize this space, reflecting the personality of its owners.

Detail of the audiovisual bench The dinner room

A wooden table, white chairs with wooden legs and three ceiling lamps on the set.

Covering set

In this shot you can see the set of floor coverings. The wood of the day zone gives way to hydraulic imitation tiles in the kitchen. With them the area is protected from splashes.

The kitchen

The kitchen is organized in a work front with high and low furniture. The colors fit the set.

The bedroom The bathroom

Here too a floor has been incorporated that brings a retro hue to the environment. On the wall, wood. The rest, blank. What attracts the most attention are the glass walls that delimit the space.

Basin front detail Countertop washbasin With a piece of furniture

In the bathroom, in the front of the sink, a piece of furniture with storage capacity.

With shower tray The children's room

With a train-like structure that houses the beds and storage space. In addition, in the corner, a study area.

All in neutral tones

Also here, in the children's bedroom, neutral tones predominate.

Another bathroom

In the same line as the previous one: hydraulic imitation floor, shower area and sink. In this case the walls are white and the furniture is chosen in wood with white top washbasin.

Detail of bathroom coverings