Dreamed refuge in the Pyrenees

Dreamed refuge in the Pyrenees

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Bring light to every corner of this rural house nestled in The Empordà, Girona, was the main objective of its reform, undertaken by the Architecture and decoration studio Lizarriturry Tuneu. To achieve this, two factors were taken into account: on the one hand, respect its impressive medieval stone facade with wrought iron balconies and on the other, to restore in its interior a correct distribution of the rooms since, being an old house, it was quite chaotic. In every town house the kitchen was the center of life in common, something that its current owners wanted to keep at all costs. Therefore, it was thought to install it on the ground floor, much brighter than the rest.

Then the dining room was located, in front of a glazed enclosure through which you access a playground that gives light, pleasant views and, above all, life in the months of good weather. In this plant the traditional stone pavement and the beams in the ceiling were respected, that in all the house are in sight. The key piece of this area is the stairs that, coming from another area of ​​the house, moved whole to the kitchen. Through its wide steps you can access the upper floor where the bedrooms and the living room were located. From the latter you can see the dining room and the patio through a double glazed height. The austerity that dominates the kitchen and the living room continues to be present in the rooms, much more bleak for their orientation and for the small windows typical of medieval architecture. The children's bedroom is dominated by the straight lines of its bare pine wood furniture. The same happens in the master bedroom.

Furnished with the simplicity of a double bed, a bedside table and a chair, it brings sobriety to its maximum exponent. Highlight the excellent use of a corner, turned into a walk-in closet with the simple help of shelves. Another achievement that was widely achieved was the location of the bathroom. Although physically it is inside the parents' room, its double door makes it also communicate with the children's bedroom. In this way both parents and children can use it independently.

Advertising - Keep reading below A room to meet friends

The gathering space was organized around the chimney, covered to the ceiling with the same wood of the floor, including the hole for the reserve of firewood. Fireplace, from the firm Fugar. Wood of the floor, of Eusebio Floors (€ 89.90 / m2). Sofa, for sale in Kibuc. Butterfly leather armchair, in Cado.

Seating area

The sofa, a large corner model, was located just below one of the roof windows that opened after the renovation. The entrance of zenith light into the environment brings a pleasant feeling of connection with nature. Corner sofa, by Kibuc. The coffee table is a pallet recovered by the owner. Stools, by Ikea. Cushions and carpet, from Gra.

The dinner room

The simplicity of the furniture and accessories chosen for its decoration are responsible for that special charm that it conveys. In this space everything fits; Nordic furniture coexists beautifully with antique pieces and rustic air accessories. Table, lamp and candlesticks, from Tierra Azul. Carpet by Gra. Chairs, from Ikea. Cushions, from Kibuc.

Communicated dining room and lounge

The kitchen, of generous dimensions, communicates with the dining room by means of a large passport to facilitate the transfer of meals on weekends.

A bright red room

Next to the opening, for the part corresponding to the dining room, a small bar equipped with two seats for informal meals was created. Stools, for sale in Ikea. The lighting comes from Punto Luz.

Take advantage of the spaces

The attic character of the house made it possible to open holes in both the walls and on the sloping ceilings by placing numerous roof windows. This renovation in the structure of the house increased the entry of natural light and ventilation in almost all spaces.

A kitchen with everything in sight

The bleached pine wood and the honey-finished oak are combined in pleasant contrast; The final effect is reminiscent of old kitchen furniture, a sensation that is reinforced with tall glass doors and brass handles. Stool, for sale in Ikea.

Kitchen on two fronts

Two fronts running and parallel equip the kitchen with floor to ceiling cabinets. Here functionality and warehouse space prevail above all. A window in the attic area provides all the necessary natural light in this space. Kitchen furniture designed by Cristina Carbonell. All appliances are from Balay.

A very special children's bedroom

The children's room gets that nice touch of children based on paintings in very bright tones and bedding with fun prints. In addition, the storage capacity was increased with wooden crates under the beds. Duvet covers, for sale in Ikea.

Main bedroom

The internal structure of the master bedroom is the most ingenious of all. A half-height wooden partition borders the bed as a headboard while creating a small dressing room on the other side. The result is curious and very useful. Quilt and cushions, from PatchMon. Printed bedspread, from Becara. Striped cushion, from Gra. Smooth cushion and floor lamps, from Tierra Azul. Hair pouf, from Ikea.

Personal cleanliness

Having a full bathroom, and with all the necessary benefits was essential for the owners. This was done, with designer bathrooms and high-end toilets.

Sanitary ware

Sanitaros, from the firm Duravit. Bossini faucets, for sale in Tono Bagno. The sink and stoneware come from Via Cerámica.


The value of the old
There was a time when fashion was to hide the beams; But the current trend, which respects local architecture and materials, tends to expose them. Well in its original state, as in the kitchen of this house or lacquered, as in the bedrooms and the living room.