A 30 square meter mini flat that unfolds in various environments

A 30 square meter mini flat that unfolds in various environments

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Luca Broglia

The need sharpens ingenuity. And this vacation rental mini-apartment located in the recently renovated area of ​​Darsena, in Navigli, Milan, is a good example of this. When it arrived at the hands of the architecture and interior design studio Planair, its 29.5 square meters were distributed in a bathroom, a kitchen and a single room for the living room and bedroom, with the consequent partitions that separated them and suffocated their interior. The natural light that entered through its windows was immediately with a wall that prevented it from reaching the entire house. "The form, strange and untidy, that the main space had before the reform made its use very complicated," they explain.

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The fixed parts of the house, such as the kitchen, the entrance or the bathroom, were located at the ends, leaving the main area as a multifunctional and mutable space, depending on the arrangement of the furniture.

All in one

The objective of the reform of this apartment was not easy: to achieve a complete house in only 29.5 square meters. The Planair study accepted and resolved it with an outstanding result.

Very complete

Although the floor is very small, a mini-kitchen was not wanted, but a complete one that serves as a hallway to the house.

Color winks

The earth and white tones predominate on the floor, but yellow strokes have been given to give it more dynamism.

Round piece

A large mirror brings depth and wide the entrance space.

Breakfast bar

The furniture next to the kitchen is, in addition to a closet for clothes, a bar for breakfast and informal meals.

All in one

That same piece of furniture has in the back another folding bar to use as a work table.

Great capacity

The entire furniture has been used as a storage area.

Applied Boys

view of the space formed as a work area.

All clear

The shelf can be carried up to the wall, clearing the central space

Ready for sleeping

When lowering the hidden bed in another piece of furniture, the space becomes a bedroom.

Living room Legs

Detail of the legs of the folding bed when closed.

Comfort zone

View of the space occupied by the lounge area.


Being one of the fixed parts because of the pipes, it was located at one end of the house.


Floor plan shaped like a bedroom.

Work space Breakfast bar All saved

With the reform, the studio had to create a flat that could adapt to the different activities of everyday life, that will have storage and that visually be more spacious and bright. They succeeded in placing the rooms that had to be fixed in the corners furthest from the main windows, that is, the bathroom, the kitchen and the entrance. The rest of the floor was left clear and constantly mutated thanks to different pieces of design as they move, fold and unfold, creating different rooms: dining room, breakfast bar, work space, dressing room, bedroom, living room ...

The colors chosen are cozy and clear. The wood and a beige porcelain for the areas with more movement covers the floors, the yellow brings vitality to the kitchen handles and inside the furniture, the blue and pink make their appearance in the accessories and seats, energizing the set.

The result is a multifunctional and complete study, which addresses its lack of space with versatility and ingenuity. The perfect way to discover Milan.

Photos: Luca Broglia

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