Christmas glam with golden tones ... To shine!

Christmas glam with golden tones ... To shine!

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It is one of the most classic tones but also the most glamorous ... And admit it, you love gold as much as we do, so let's show you a lot of ideas for you to spend these holidays ... Like the star you are!

Advertising - Keep reading below A chimney with sparkles

And not because of the fire, but because of the decoration! If you are lucky enough to enjoy the warmth of a fireplace in your living room, decorate it in tones gold and welcome the glamor.

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An illuminated painting

Is it a picture or is it a lamp? They are both! And you can do it at home ...

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Candle holder with bottles

Why don't you make them at home? You only need bottles and gold paint ... And the result is surprising!

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Eat with class

With a tableware like this, the menu matters little ... Don't you think?

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More moles

If you liked the shaker gold, this with moles will make you fall in love!

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Exotic at the same time as Christmas, this pineapple will be perfect anywhere in the house.

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The most chic cocktails

A good cocktail needs a preparation worthy of a bartender, and to get it, nothing more chic what is cocktail shaker gold!

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Gold cutlery

To eat like real kings.

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A cushion to the last

You'll need it if you want your salon to become an Instagram trend!

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Bring your door to life

So that your visitors know that they are about to enter the house more chic from the neighborhood.

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Provide with stars

Glasses, cups ... Whatever it is, if it has stars it will be cute.

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Did you see the table

And if it is with candle holders like these, much better! Try putting a red candle.

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And the desktop ...

Ideal to take a whiskey and extend the talk until dinner.

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Advent Calendar

With the numbers in gold color! This beautiful cushion was part of the decoration of the Primark Christmas welcome party, by interior designers Cristina Espejo and Marta Goyanes, from Vade Espejo studio. Not very cool?

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