The reform of this bathroom 'before and after' will impress you

The reform of this bathroom 'before and after' will impress you

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Courtesy of Old Brand New

If the mere idea of ​​starting a reform gives you chills and sleepless nights, you have to see this reform to convince you how you can change a space, in this case a bathroom, with some changes changes.

First we fall in love with space when we discover it on Instagram:

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Our bathroom oasis is now complete! F or this bathroom, I wanted to make a big impact in a small space. I started out by choosing materials first. It was a nice change because I typically hit the ground running with color. I chose the Trinsic Collection by @DeltaFaucet in Champagne Bronze because I gravitated towards its elegant curves and clean lines and knew it would go well with my graphic and modern sensibility. It has a neutral gold tone that compliments any color palette. The bathroom mood is inspired by an acacia tree from my backyard. Head on over to the blog to see the entire process plus a fun video we created sharing my 5 tips to transform your bathroom! #DeltaFaucet #ad

A post shared by DABITO (@dabito) on Nov 14, 2018 at 12:42 pm PST

And after a little investigation we discovered the origin. This was the bathroom:

Before the reform. Courtesy of Old Brand New

He was not at all bad, but when an expert knows what he does and manages to imagine how it will look after, he only sees one possible option: throw everything down.

During the reform. Courtesy of Old Brand New

Dabito, interior designer and blog author Old Brand New, I knew what I was doing.

Thus the walls remained after the reform. Courtesy of Old Brand New

The marble base gives a unique chic touch to the bathroom, also creates an ideal contrast with the green of the walls and floor tiles (beautiful, right?). The flown washbasin cabinet with storage area adds warmth to the space, and the golden faucet champagne, puts the icing on an impeccable interior design.

Shower area. Courtesy of Old Brand New

The glass screen avoids limiting space, creating a greater sense of spaciousness.

Work shower with glass screen. Courtesy of Old Brand New