Succulent readings: recipes to succeed this Christmas

Succulent readings: recipes to succeed this Christmas

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When friends and family ring the bell of your house, it is time to show off in the kitchen with surprising recipes. But since we advocate a recipe book without complications, with dishes prepared with great care and affection, but suitable for all levels of culinary expertise. The important thing is to share all the moments with yours. Invite them to go to the kitchen and prepare the snack with them while sharing confidences and laughs. Get these essential kitchen pinches: recipe books, tricks, tips and much more, simmered.

Advertising - Keep reading below With your hands in the dough and the book on the music stand

Let's cook! Get comfortable: apron, hand towel and visible recipe. But so that your book is not filled with stains and splashes, place the cookbook on a music stand. Either a physical copy as the digital version of the title, better on a stand, lectern or similar pedestal. The one in the photo is from Howards Storage World.

Sweet and savory pleasures from Jamie Oliver

Comfort Food, of chef Jamie Oliver, it contains a hundred of the best recipes of the kitchen of always -o comfort food- from all corners of the world, inspired by Oliver's childhood memories. Sweet and savory pleasures for everyone to enjoy. It is edited by Grijalbo.

I want to bake my artisan bread!

For the pleasure of watching the dough grow and enjoy the smell of fresh bread when I receive my guests. If this thought assails you for a long time but you have not yet dared to mix and knead, we propose a book that will guide you in the process: Homemade bread,by Ibán Yarza (edited by Larousse), an enthusiastic disseminator of bread. In this issue he explains in a very simple way everything he has learned in these years dedicated to making bread at home (ingredients, techniques, concepts, recipes, glossary ...)

The best of the Thermomix cookbook

For all those who have in their kitchen with the company of Thermomix, a perfect copy to succeed in the most special lunches and dinners: The best of our recipescollect the best recipes in the 10 recipes on-line from Thermomix from all countries. Get it at the store on line from Vorwerk.

To the rich and fluffy sponge cake

An essential book for winter evenings, for snacks at home, for Reyes' breakfast - together with the traditional roscón-: Biscuits gathers, as it could not be otherwise given its title, 62 recipes of biscuits, classic, with fruits, with vegetables, with drinks, some lighter, some more dense and tasty, with wholemeal, salted flour for dinner, for intolerant to lactose, for coeliacs, for diabetics and for vegans. There is a cake for each case and person. But you will also find tricks, molds, tips, problem solving ... forget about the biscuits that do not come up. The recipes are from the creators / kitchens of the Webos Fritos blog and edited by Aguilar Ocio.

Oh la la, French sweets to share

The authentic butter croissant, hot and freshly made at home as in the best boulangerie from Paris. Discover the recipe and you can make all the classic French pastry in your own home: tender croissants, chocolate breads, brioches, buns and conch shells. These holidays, be seduced by the best French sweets of A croissant in Paris, from Lunwerg. And fill them to your liking according to the occasion.

We go for tapas without leaving the kitchen

And for those who prefer something more casual in family meals or simply for all those occasions when we meet around the table: 200 tapas from Spain, from the Lid publishing house, it contains lifelong tapas Alberto Jesús Acosta, entrepreneur and gastronomic expert, collects the history of tapas in Spain, the most famous tapas by region and exclusive tapas discovered in the 30 years of gastronomic travel experience. Learn to make a good and exquisite cover with basic ingredients without spending hours in the kitchen, structured by preparation times.

Gluten free cooking

Delicious gluten free cuisineIt gives you starters, main courses and desserts, even various types of bread. Frédérique Jules and his team share their cooking secrets and recipes: chocolate chip cookies, banana cake, cheesecake, turkey and blue cheese sandwich, beef burger and cheddar, muffins Salty and sweet ... and so, up to 67 delicious and easy to make recipes, to try and devour. Edit Lunwerg.

Vegan Delights

Discover a healthy and delicious way to feed yourself with the most original and tasty recipes of vegan cuisine. Vegan delicacies: more than 80 exquisite recipes, by Toni Rodríguez (Amber Ocean), shows that vegan cuisine is delicious, as well as healthy (it facilitates digestion, respects the planet and avoids animal suffering). If you want other reasons to change your habits, this book gives you 80 recipes free of fats and rich in cereals, fruits, vegetables, legumes and all kinds of vegetable proteins. The young vegan chef Toni Rodríguez invites us to discover his delicious and original creations.