A house to live at rest

A house to live at rest

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In this house, of new construction, located in a urbanization of El Port de la Selva, Girona, there is large windows They offer an enviable overview of the environment. In its favor, the plot with slope on which it sits, divided into three terraces, and the excellent work of the Martí & Sardà Arquitectes study, the Sergi Monterde rigger and the company Construcciones Porfit. On the highest level is the house, with a splendid terrace that runs through the entire main facade; In the middle, a parquet solarium with pool and in the lower one, an olive grove.
The project highlights the plant, which breaks its linear shape to take better advantage of the views and obtain greater privacy with respect to neighboring buildings; a change that also brings some movement to housing. As for the interior, the distribution adapts to the needs of the owner family, a couple with three children. The space was organized around a large living room, with integrated kitchen. From the living area you can directly access the master bedroom, with a bathroom, and from the opposite side, a wide hallway begins, which leads to three more bedrooms and a second bathroom. The absence of closets in these rooms is due to a simple reason: that all had views and that from three o'clock the terrace was accessed.
The bedrooms are designed only as rest environments, while the hallway is optimized with several built-in wardrobes. The owner was in charge of the decoration, a true passionate about the subject.
In the living room he created a family atmosphere, with his own style and good ideas. Surprised how he organized being around two circular coffee tables and a faded carpet in blue tones with vintage effect, which brings together a sofa with chaise longue, two armchairs and three poufs. He also played with the contrast of chiaroscuro.
The sofa brings clarity and its luminosity is enhanced, especially with the background wall, paneled in anthracite gray. In turn, this color is present in the pair of armchairs and in the kitchen furniture, which is the dominant color. For the bedroom he opted for the naturalness of the toasted tones and left in the juveniles, that the color in the bedding had more presence, to achieve a plus of vitality. Outside, in the solarium and pool, designed as a pool and on the edge of the slope, without altering the landscape, calm reigns.

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The house was designed with large windows and direct access to a large, elevated terrace, before the bench where the pool was built. In contrast to the white façade, with clean and straight lines, the warm mixture of textures of the slat carpentry, the stone wall and the parquet. Sunbeds, from Merchant of Venice. Lanterns, from the India & Pacific store.

Pool area for relaxation

The pool, elongated and narrow, resembles a pool that, without altering the landscape, brings a feeling of freshness. From here, on the edge of the natural slope of the plot, you enjoy privileged views of the surroundings.

A room connected to the outside

A large window in the living area allows a panoramic view of the landscape, floods the interior with natural light and fuses it with the exterior. The feeling of spaciousness increases with the diaphanous distribution of the living room, where kitchen and dining room share space. Sofa, from Merchant of Venice. Tables, from Coco-Mat. Large pouf, from Cado. Carpet by Luzio.

A wall stands out in anthracite gray

Paneling in dark the wall of the room that receives more light prevents glare. This success also brings a plus of decoration style. On the left, the door leading to the master bedroom. Armchairs, from Merchant of Venice. Flexo, from Artemide. Floor lamp, by Pilma, with white lampshade. Low furniture, of wood, of Strange Earth. Cushions: pink, by Lu Ink and beige, by Filocolore.

An outdoor dining room

Outside the house this outdoor dining room evokes the simplicity of country life. Among olive trees, in the lower part of the plot, it maintains the visual connection with the construction, although it seems to be outside it. Tablecloth, from India & Pacific. Wicker bowls, from Merchant of Venice. White cushions, from Coco-Mat.

King size dining room

It is illuminated by two lamps that, with colossal screens, magnify this space, without recharging it. In addition, they are proportional to the extra long wooden table, custom made. Lamps, by Santa & Cole. Table made to order, and banks, of La Bòbila. On it, cloth, by Lu Ink. Beige Cushions, by Coco-Mat. Director chairs, for sale in Pilma.

Purified lines in the kitchen

Open to the living room, the kitchen was designed with smooth door cabinets, to maintain the current aesthetics of the living room. A plus of style: the metallic gray of the lamps, in harmony with stainless steel. Bell by Frecan. Refrigerator, from Smeg.

Chromatic harmony in the kitchen

The cooking and sink front was protected with a panel of the same color as the cabinets. With this color unit the kitchen gains more visual weight and relevance, even if it is concentrated in a single wall. Kitchen, made by Construcciones Porfit, in laminated laminate and with stainless steel worktop. Bell, from the Frecan firm. Cooking plate, Foster. Siemens oven.

The distribution of the kitchen

Between the kitchen and the dining room, in parallel, there is a wide passage that makes the circulation more fluid. Next to the refrigerator, a built-in wardrobe, from floor to ceiling, is useful as a pantry and sideboard. From here a hall starts, equipped with more closets, which leads to the bedrooms. Refrigerator, from Smeg. Carpets, from Zara Home, in natural fiber.

A bedroom without additives

The bedroom decoration in tan tones harmonizes with the natural fiber carpet and oak flooring. The environment, very natural, acquires a more feminine and retro air with dusty pink brushstrokes. Headboard, by Gemma Povo, in wrought iron. Bedding, from Filocolore. Armchair, from India & Pacific, in leather. Floor lamp, by Pilma. Curtains made by Cortinova.

Relaxing atmosphere in the bathroom

The wood and the stucco of the walls, with its texture and its variety of shades, gave the bathroom an extra dose of warmth, perfect to counteract the refined design of the wall-mounted sink, with built-in faucet. Coated coating, from Weber, applied by Porfit Constructions. Hansgrohe shower.

Very functional youth bedroom

The wooden plinth is, in addition to a practical wall protector, an ultra-warm headboard, which shelters two beds, attached and placed in line, to optimize the space. White and green bedspreads, cushion with letters and quadrant, by Filocolore. Printed quilt, by Luzio. Cushions: beige, from India & Pacific; and fuchsias, from El Corte Inglés. Mesa by Ikea. Curtains, from Cortinova. On the floor, cushions, from Coco-Mat.

Plan and distribution of housing

- The use of color as a link between environments and a key element to give cohesion to the living room. In this space, diaphanous and with an integrated kitchen, one of the walls, with a door included, is paneled in anthracite gray. With the same color the upholstery of two armchairs in the living area, the canvas of the director's chairs in the dining room and all the kitchen furniture were chosen.
- The commitment to dining room lamps is a lesson in style. In metallic gray and with a design of superimposed screens with moire effect, they harmonize with countertop and appliances.