Beatriz Gancedo, from Gancedo

Beatriz Gancedo, from Gancedo

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Gancedo's success is based on ...
The advice we offer to the client, thanks to the experience we have acquired over these years.
Any news you want to comment. The incorporation of the finished product: cushions, plaids, poufs ... even a furniture line. Now we are about to present the textile collections of next year at the Paris Déco Off fair in January.
On a personal level, how is your house decorated? The walls of the living room are painted strawberry color, a vital and cheerful tone. The bedroom is wallpaper with large flowers and has carpet, because I love the feeling of stepping barefoot when you get out of bed. The rest of the rooms are clear, also wallpaper And at work, what do you enjoy most? Without a doubt, with the personal treatment of professionals and clients. I love knowing your concerns, needs, proposals, interests ...

Advertising - Keep reading under Beatriz Gancedo

Communication and marketing director of Gancedo, a firm specialized in fabrics and wallpapers. She is responsible for publicizing the brand and its products to the media, customers and professionals.

International firms

And in addition to the own collections, you distribute international firms. Which? What would you highlight about them? Sanderson, Robert Allen, Ian Mankin, Beacon Hill, Voyage ... prestigious brands that allow us to have a greater and more varied offer, since each one has its defined style.

Desk and chair

What do you think your house is missing? So many things! First, add an extra bed in one of the rooms, for when my nephews stay to sleep. And then, I would love to have a desk.

Intrigue literature

Any hobby that helps you disconnect. Read and do yoga. I also like art and history and participate in talks or exhibitions. On long plane trips, I love to take an intrigue book, which I can't stop reading.

You would get lost in ... A mountain town, in a place on the beach, out of season, or in a cosmopolitan city. This summer I was in Shanghai
and I was impressed, what buildings, how much trade, how much fun!

Breakfast time

Your happy moment of the day would you say is ... Breakfast time; I get up even earlier, to spend half an hour listening to the radio and consulting the iPad.