Disney fans: This is the house of your dreams

Disney fans: This is the house of your dreams

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There is nothing as magical as enjoying the fireworks of Magic Kingdom after a long day at Disney World. Except maybe live close enough to see the show from the comfort of your own home.

This house in Windermere, Florida, with 7 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, is less than 10 km away. of the park and is decorated with all the details that a Mickey lover could wish for. Check out the photo gallery to see inside the house. It has 446 square meters and sells for $ 888,000 (approximately € 748,570).

Advertising - Keep reading below Welcome to the best Disney house

The neighbors have declared WKMG ClickOrlando that the eccentric owners of the Disney house are the "best neighbors you could ask for", so whoever buys the house should keep the bar high ...

Almost all rooms have a Disney theme

Including this Mickey Mouse kitchen, equipped with dishwasher, freezer, garbage disposal, microwave, oven and refrigerator.

Even in the bathrooms

As in this toilet where Nemo is the prota, ideal for children.

By the roofs

It is not clear if the decoration is included in the sale. But some details, like Mickey's wallpaper, are sure to stay.

And for the floors

Also this beautiful detail on the floor ... Everything is in the details.

The kids will love this room

Decorated entirely with Disney theme, the protagonist: Mickey Mouse

The house has two toilets

And this one is dedicated to Tinker Bell. In addition there are four other full bathrooms in the house.

We love the Mickey table for trains

When one of the neighbors told us that: "Every corner of the house and the garden is a tribute to Disney," of course, he DID NOT lie.

And for Ohio fans

There is a game room dedicated to celebrating the victories of the Buckeyes, the state of Ohio.

Lake view

The house overlooks Lake Cawood, but don't worry, even the garden is decorated with Disney characters.

Via: House Beautiful US