News in home automation and technology that you have to know 'right now'

News in home automation and technology that you have to know 'right now'

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What ten years ago would have seemed crazy, is now part of normalcy. Control our house through the smartphone, program the rise and fall of the blinds at a specific time, or measure our sleep quality thanks to the mattress are just some of the feats that we owe to technology, and today we are here to show you the latest news you have to know.


Advertising - Keep reading under Google Nest Hub Google

The excuses for not cooking at home are over, because the new Google Nest Hub features a speaker and a compact touch screen with anti-stain coating 7-inch, ideal to place anywhere on the countertop, and receive help in a matter of seconds, just using the voice.

In addition, the communication giant has partnered with Canal Cocina, Direct to the Palate, Qué Appetito, Petit Chef and Tastemade to offer you thousands of recipes, from starters and cold dishes to more elaborate menus or desserts.

Smart ecosystem Nice

Yubii It is specially designed for those who ask more for their home automation and for all those who want to start automating it.

What can you do? Raise and lower curtains and blinds (and above all, confirm that the order has been received thanks to the three informative colors of your remote control); open or close the garage door; manage your whole house with your smartphone; and ultimately, make your life easier.

Screen with technological glass Profiltek

The investment in R&D has made smart screens possible thanks to the Ecliptek technological glass: crystals that become opaque or transparent at will.

"As if it were a magic trick. The same glass can be seen completely transparent to give greater amplitude to the bathroom and not occupy space or opaque when we are showering and we want privacy. But if while we enjoy our shower we prefer to admire the landscape and see beyond we can regulate the level of opacity our screen, "explains Alberto Martínez, founder of Solomamparas.
With a simple remote control, the user can level the opacity of the glass
Ecliptek of your screen according to your needs and the design of your bathroom.

Roof tile with integrated solar module Ergosun

Ergosun is a concrete roof tile with integrated PV solar module, able to collect solar energy and supply renewable energy to the building. The operation of the integrated solar roof tile is easy and at the same time very similar to that of conventional photovoltaic panels, but without sacrificing the aesthetics of the roof.

In this way, Ergosun allows to merge an efficient solar energy production with a harmonious exterior appearance of the roof, without having to place additional panels or structures on the roof deck.

Motorized curtains with Wi-Fi Altran

The Altran company has just launched its TECHFY motorized curtains, a proper term that describes all the engines of the firm that have integrated Wi-Fi.

In addition to the internet connection, the system is compatible with smartphones, has voice control, a free application that can be downloaded on Google Play, possibility to control the curtains from anywhere in the world, and handle other smart devices such as pergolas, awnings, lights, plugs and any other home automation system that can work over Wi-Fi

Home settings can be shared with other members and give them full or limited access; and finally, through the application you can program and automate schedules for opening the curtains (and other devices).

A mattress that measures your sexual performance and your quality of rest Pikolin

Two years ago, Pikolin designed the first smart mattress on the market thanks to the technology of the startup Spanish Geeksme. Now, just launched the second generation of the mattress including some improvements.

The most striking is undoubtedly the measurement of sexual performance: frequency, intensity, duration ... Can you imagine it? Further, the mattress also controls the quality of rest, and makes personalized recommendations to improve it.

Filtered Bottle To Go Lekué

Designed to improve the taste of water, this bottle incorporates a 100% natural filter made of activated carbon from coconut shells, which reduce substances that alter the taste of water.

Perfect to take with you to work, to the gym, or to the mountains.

Plug base with double charger Siemens

The BJC Schuko® plug base provides a simple and efficient solution to the Integrate USB plug and chargers into one device. It consists of two USB ports (2.0 type A) for simultaneous charging of two terminals, while maintaining the utility of the plug. In addition, its installation is quick and simple, as it is done in a standard flush-mounted box.

As for security, the double charger has a Integrated double protection system that protects the mechanism against overcurrent and overheating.

It also highlights its energy saving system which, when at rest activates the mode stand by and facilitates a decrease in consumption.