A decoration inspired by Grease: the 50's return

A decoration inspired by Grease: the 50's return

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Directed by Randal Kleisery and starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John, Grease, The musical film released in 1978, was a real blockbuster that helped consolidate the career of many of its actors. The love story between two teenagers (rebellious he and innocent she) granted them Oscar nominations and nominations for the Golden Globes of the time, as well as various awards from associations of critics. To its success we join by recreating the decoration of the 50s United States, when the plot is located.

Advertising - Keep reading below A sign with message

If something characterizes Rizzo and to the fantastic Pink ladies It is the security that they show off, their desire to have fun and that everyone knows. Pictures, posters or posters Like this, with a message from Car Möbel, they are perfect for decorating the walls.

A bedside table

Of course you cannot miss a nightstand Beautiful, simple and according to the decoration of the bedroom. But the most important thing is that you have shelves and a private drawer; Our secrets will be safe. This model is from Maisons du Monde.

Wall Prints

A painted paper of very large flowers will be the ideal covering for our it girl. Frenchy's room looked one in pastel colors. These two proposals are from Leroy Merlin.

A quilt in pink

As good Pink ladies Pink fascinates us, so to dress the bed, what better than a quilt reversible bubblegum pink? This model is from Zara Home.

Retro lamp

Support lights are essential in all bedrooms; To emulate this, by Grease, we are committed to a table design with ceramic foot and printed screen. Fun and decorative Lamp from Cath Kidston.

A very cute dressing table

Until the hard and cold Rizzo enjoy makeup and grooming in front of a romantic dressing table Like this, white finish to better integrate it into the decoration. It is from Maisons du Monde.


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