How to travel cheaper while enjoying

How to travel cheaper while enjoying

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Affordable Accommodations

The lodging supposes Most of the budget. Search in advance for hotel offers or rent an apartment, it will cost you half the price, especially if you are traveling as a family. Other cheaper options are hostels, campsites or hostels. Search portals, such as Booking, Tripadvisor, Airbnb or Wimdu, where you can rent rooms or houses at a reasonable price, or sign up for a community of floor exchange, me in your house and you in mine, totally free! You dare?

Stretch the call and data rate

Before embarking on your trip, establish a consumption limit and download all the material you may need as maps or routes. Once at the destination, Disconnect the mobile data connection. Turn it on only when you have a network free wifi and safe. Take advantage of these connections to make calls through WhatsApp or Skype applications, with zero cost.

Eat well and cheap

When choosing a restaurant, stay away from tourist sites and look for those places where locals usually eat. make the purchase in supermarkets, both to solve meals and to save snacks; Going to the beach bar every day can break our budget. Plan the number of meals you plan to do so that you do not eat anything.

Small ideas, big discounts

Enjoy the free. Almost anywhere you go will feature, especially in summer, with a multitude of free cultural and leisure offers. Go to the tourist offices and find out everything you can do without spending money.Discover its promenade, beaches, parks, outdoor monuments or visit the museums every day at no cost.

Public transport. Forget about taxis or rental cars to get around. Most destinations have a good bus, subway or train service; You will only have to synchronize schedules. And if you are fit, take your bike home or rent one at your destination to move.

Tourist cards or bonuses. There are many cities that offer their visitors discounts for transportation or cultural visits. Plan how many museums or monuments you want to visit and evaluate if it compensates you. Find out about the transport tickets that allow you to make an unlimited number of trips on the days you choose.

Free Tour Search online for the next guided tour of your vacation spot and sign up for a Free Tour. A guide will take you to know the main points of the city. The price? Just the tip that you think it deserves.