A bright and very modern apartment

A bright and very modern apartment

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Of all the reasons that drive you to embark on a reform, the desire to have a baby is perhaps the one that generates more illusion. The owners of this apartment, a couple determined to start a family, went to Bolena Sisters to help them transform an old house into a true, comfortable and cheerful home. The age of the property made the project involve a Integral reform. It was necessary to chop two layers on the floor - each one, with a different coating - to reach the floor, and apply a self-leveling paste before installing the floor: light oak finish laminate in the living room and the three bedrooms.

However, in the bathroom and in the kitchen - both areas with risk of splashing water - they were installed porcelain flooring that evoke the hydraulic tiles of the nineteenth century: a model that mimics the finish of the cement in the bathroom, and a design with a suggestive 3D effect in the kitchen. The works addressed other aspects, such as renovating the installations and radiators, or changing a couple of windows. They were also designed closet fronts and the passage doors, which were performed sliding, between the two future children's bedrooms and in the bathroom.

The planning of the reform was parallel to that of interior design, so that each decorative idea that involved works could be put into practice. In a flat where child laughter would soon be heard,

The luminosity was key. Walls and ceilings were painted white, except for two fronts, which were coated with wallpapers: palm trees in the living room, and a delicate pink model in the bedroom. “For us, pink is both feminine and masculine. It is an elegant color, which creates attractive environments, ”says Ana, from Bolena Sisters. As for the ceiling lamps in the bedroom, "they prevent the main wall from being empty from the headboard to the ceiling, although that means calculating where the points of light will go during the work."

The walls and ceiling of the master bedroom were soundproofed to isolate it from the rehearsals of its neighbor, pianist. As for the bathroom, "it is usually interior," Ana explains. Hence the tiles and furniture in satin white are adequate, because they reflect artificial light well. ”However, in this case the shower got dressed in black "To prevent white-on-white paste: the area gains prominence and space gets visual depth."

Advertising - Keep reading under Coffee tables

View of the living room, with three coffee tables and a trunk as a nightstand next to the sofa. In the living room: tables, trunk and blue blanket, from A Loja do Gato Preto. Blanket in tobacco color, by Gancedo.

Painted paper

Dining room and lounge share the same space. The first was visually delimited with a vegetable print paper, which adds freshness to the environment. Wallpaper, by Leroy Merlin. Table and lamps in copper finish, by Maisons du Monde. The chairs are a replica of the famous model CH24from Carl Hansen.

Open doors

From the living room you can directly access the bedrooms. A distribution that, bypassing passing areas, allows you to take full advantage of the useful space of the house. Simply leave the doors open to enhance the feeling of depth and facilitate natural light to circulate throughout the house without obstacles.

United or separated?

Between the two future children's bedrooms, the Bolena Sisters team designed a
large door with two sliding blades and wide stainless steel handles, which facilitate its handling. The door allows the two environments to be unified or independent depending on the moment.
Ikea desk. Chair, carpet and wall clock, by Maisons du Monde.

Music Box

Classic & modern Alternate complements of both styles and the environment will gain in wealth. This music box, by Maisons du Monde, is the perfect counterpoint to the cactus with LEDs, by Bolena Shop Sisters.

Sliding doors

The models that are embedded in the wall are ideal for small spaces: they allow furniture to be attached to the walls and make the most of the meters. In addition, when the sheet disappears visually, the spaces come together and appear larger.

Decorative bell

From Schmidt Kitchens: furniture, Silestone countertop, decorative hood and ceramic hob.

Bread and cloth basket

Accessories that decorate. Give the accessories a relevant role: they can add color or tilt the atmosphere towards a specific style: retro, country ... Basket of bread and cloth, from A Loja do Gato Preto. Casserole, from Ikea.

Blank wooden enclosure

The wall that separates the kitchen from the living room was replaced by a white wood and glass enclosure. A design by Bolena Sisters that facilitates the visual connection between the living room and the kitchen. The gloss white lacquered furniture and the black countertop enhance the floor, with a porcelain tile that mimics the hydraulic tiles.

Wooden tree

Be original. When decorating your child's room, avoid details inspired by movies or children's fashion series. Look for charming designs, such as this wooden tree, from Los Peñotes, or animal-shaped cushions, from

Neoclassical chest of drawers

Instead of flanking the bed with two identical bedside tables, one of them was replaced by a dresser. In this way, the environment is more dynamic and, at the same time, storage space is gained in the bedroom.

Coat hangers

Coat racks, from Zara Home. Towels by Ikea. Roca shower and faucet.

Washbasin area

The sink area has its own personality. The Bolena Sisters team designed a wall-to-wall cabinet, with a large storage capacity to store cosmetics and enjoy beauty rituals in comfort. Two sinks were installed on it. A large mirror doubles the space and on the ceiling, the chandelier puts a note of glamor.
Washbasins, taps and vinyl carpet, by Leroy Merlin. Ceiling lamp, by Vintage & Chic. The accessories are from Zara Home.

Original floor

On the original floor, from the bedroom there was access to a distributor that led to the bathroom.

Large bathroom

After the renovation, both spaces joined to create a spacious bathroom, with a large dressing area.

How to create a dressing table

Basic: a mirror where to contemplate you and space for cosmetics, what you already have in your bathroom! Add a chic perfumer, a mini vase with a flower, a couple of flirty boxes and ... voila!

Housing plan

Housing plan