Cook with microwave ... How comfortable!

Cook with microwave ... How comfortable!

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The faithful friend of every day

The rhythm of life we ​​lead has made microwaves an essential ally in the kitchen. This type of oven, which most of us use daily for heating or defrosting, can help us cook endless recipes, without the help of casseroles or pans.

For cooking, grilling, steaming or frying, get a grill model, like Wish, from Teka in the photo. If you only want to heat or defrost, you will have enough with a simple one.

For a person or a couple, a capacity between 17 l will suffice. and 24 l. while for a large family one of 40 l will be needed. As for the power, remember that the more watts, the faster cooking.

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ON THE HOB. If they are not embedded, opt for a model that decorates your kitchen, like this one, € 69.90, Amazon.es

HOUSEHOLD Special for cooking quickly and healthy. You can prepare delicious dishes and cook from rice, € 25.90, to eggs, € 14.90. From Lékué.

ELIMINATE The bad smell of the microwave with a steam cleaner. This one you will find on eBay, € 4.99.

ESSENTIAL a lid to prevent splashing while cooking and keep food moisture. Amazon.es, € 8.50.

MATERIALS Suitable are glass, ceramic or silicone. Discard the metal. Cup of Maisons du Monde, € 9.98.

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