Tips and ideas to choose the Christmas tree

Tips and ideas to choose the Christmas tree

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We fill it with ornaments and lights and place it in a well visible place at home during Christmas. The tree is the protagonist but the first step is to choose the model that suits us and convinces us. We review

Take a few minutes to read these tips to choose the Christmas tree and you will have guaranteed success.

Christmas trees, for sale in El Corte Inglés

The size. A tree 1.50 m high is not the same as one 1.80 m tall. Keep in mind the height of the room where you are going to place it. If it is less than 2 meters, choose a tree 1.50-1.70 m high. For the highest ceilings, the possibilities are extended to 2 m and 2.40 m high trees. Always leave a minimum of 20 cm between the tip of the tree and the roof.

In front, tree 60 cm high (€ 14.95) and behind, tree 2.10 m high (€ 139). In the English Court

The ubication. Choose a place that is not in the middle of the traffic. Find a corner, for example. Think about whether you will need a nearby plug in case you are going to place luminous garlands that need power. You also have them with battery operation.

Finish What do you fancy? The traditional spruce with green branches, the snowy white or the one that shows some white snow resting on the branches. Some even incorporate pineapples.

Snowy Christmas tree (€ 59), Christmas tree with lights (€ 24.95) and metallic Christmas tree (€ 49). Everyone in El Corte Inglés

The most innovative. Branches with lights, mini-sized table versions (who says they have no space at home to place a Christmas tree?), Ceramic, glitter finish ... There are trees for all tastes and styles!

On the left, Christmas tree (€ 9.90) and, in the center, desktop tree (€ 14.90). For sale in El Corte Inglés The mini version in gold. Ideal glitter trees as decoration on a piece of furniture or in the center of the table. From the English Court Christmas trees with lights, from El Corte Inglés

And now that you know what you have to keep in mind, choose tree and place to wear it.