Effective home cleaning tips

Effective home cleaning tips

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Easy ideas with homemade products for quick and efficient cleaning, saving time and saving money, with brilliant results!

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Have you dropped your coffee? It has a solution. If the garment is synthetic, rub it with crushed ice and brush with water and drops of alcohol 90º. If it is made of wool or silk, spread a whipped egg yolk on the spot diluted in water. If it is cotton, add salt, brush and wash. Fabrics in Gancedo.

2 No stains or odors

Wash your cake as soon as you finish eating and wash it again with soap and hot water at home. For more difficult spots, use white vinegar and leave on for 3 min. Store it with a pinch of salt inside, to eliminate bad odors. Hema's

3 In good condition

It is important to clean the hair and body brushes and combs well, so that germs do not proliferate. After each use, remove both hairs and other remains. Apply neutral soap on them and immerse in water, avoiding wetting the handle if it is wooden. To reach more difficult corners, help yourself with a toothbrush. Rinse and dry face down on a towel or absorbent paper. From Meraki.

4 bathrooms always shiny

Hydromassage bathtub. After each use, let cold water run and remove foam and debris. If lime accumulates, use white vinegar, leave on for 15 minutes approx. and clean with a cloth. For a deeper cleaning, fill the bathtub with cold water covering the valves and pour a jet of disinfectant. Put the system into operation for 10-15 minutes, to clean the pipes. Empty the tub, clean the debris and refill it overcoming the jets. Run it for another 10 minutes to rinse. Remove the water and clean carefully. Ready for the next relaxing bath!

Wooden floors. Use vacuum cleaner and dry methods such as mop, for daily cleaning. The brushes can scratch them. When scrubbing, use warm water with specific products or a stream of white vinegar and drain the mop well. Roller blind Giménez Ganga.

5 Take care of your wooden countertop

These types of surfaces are very delicate, especially with water and heat. Avoid getting too wet and do not support very hot containers to leave no mark. If it is laminated, clean with neutral liquid detergents or alcohol; and for lime, vinegar is very effective. If the wood is solid, the varnish layer with specific products must be maintained in good condition. Ikea environment.

Eye: Use tables Cut to avoid scratching the countertop.