A sustainable building house on an Australian beach

A sustainable building house on an Australian beach

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Derek Swalwell

Saint Andrews Beach House is a holiday home located in Victoria, Australia, with a Circular structure distributed over two floors. Its modest (but striking) design, responds to the search of the owner of this magical enclave, to build a home in harmony with the natural and isolated environment in which it is, through three basic concepts: Sustainability, functionality and simplicity.

The ground floor has an area of ​​78 m2, and the first floor has 61 m2. Derek Swalwell

The Austin Maynard Architects team of architects, led by Andrew Maynard, Mark Austin, Ray Dinh, was responsible for making the project a reality.

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Regarding the energy system, the house has solar panels and a tank that collects rainwater and reuses it in the bathrooms and in the garden.

Derek Swalwell Derek Swalwell

All rooms were decorated following the same color range.

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On the upper floor, the spaces are subtly divided by green curtains, matching the tone of the staircase.

Derek Swalwell Derek Swalwell Derek Swalwell