A box for plants with spray and stencil

A box for plants with spray and stencil

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A personalized box to your liking. You can be inspired by this craft and create name boxes for what you want to organize.

Advertising - Keep reading below A custom wooden box

With paint on spraand and a template for stencil with which "print" letters.

It is perfect as a pot for plants. Wear it inside or outside the home.

The detail of the letters

The detail of the letters.



A wooden box

A template. Hello, I'm a maker! is downloadable

Chalk Paint spray ash gray

Matt varnish in spray


Washi tape

When you discover the painting in spray Chalk Paint (chalk paint) you will feel the freedom to apply paint without brushes, getting an even more uniform result on the surface. Buy it in I Do Proyect.

STEP 1. Download the template to use

Download the template Hello, I'm a maker! or the one you want to use. Print it on sticker paper. Cut the letters carefully.

STEP 2. Paste the cut letters

Paste the letters cut on sticker paper over the box, wherever you want.

This will be with the letters pasted

This will be the box with the letters pasted.

STEP 3. Protect

Place tape washi tape where you don't want the box painted with paint.

You must cover what is in a horizontal plane, which is in the sense in which you are going to paint. In vertical planes it will not be painted.

STEP 4. In a non-staining box

Put the wooden box in a cardboard box, to avoid staining the surface where you work.

STEP 5. Paint

Shake well spray from top to bottom and spray on the surface at a distance of about 25 cm. Take several passes horizontally and vertically, until everything is covered. Let dry outdoors.

STEP 6. Peel off the letters

When the paint is dry, peel off the letters from the template and remove the washi tape

STEP 7. Apply varnish

To finish, apply one coat of matt varnish on spray so that the original color of the Chalk Paint lasts longer and you can place the box on the terrace.

This is the varnish

This is the varnish in spray. You will find the paints and varnishes in the store on line from

The result

A few plants inside and to show off your personalized box.