A low cost Malaga apartment

A low cost Malaga apartment

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There were several reasons why Maria, reader of, decided to renew the image of this apartment. Owned by his father and in a state of almost abandonment, he was encouraged when he discovered the coquettish accommodations that were offered for holiday stays through the internet. He had always seen the possibilities of his house, but he had never decided to transform it into a practical and cozy place for visitors to discover the town of Malaga in which it is located: Torre del Mar.

Maria decided that she would change it completely with a reduced budget. As a graphic and interior designer, a decoration lover, she restored the furniture she had, painted a lot and made covers and cushions (with her mother's help). He incorporated decorative details here and there and achieved his purpose.

Then he named it Fifth four, He created an identity, cards, guides in the area ... all to create a cozy accommodation, ready to enjoy.

A sample of how without large investments or luxuries it is possible to create a cozy atmosphere, full of charm. Discover more of its history in the gallery.

Quintocuatro is rented for holiday stays.
fifth [email protected]

Advertising - Keep reading below A mini but complete apartment

A kitchen, a bathroom, a living room with terrace and a bedroom. A perfect apartment to enjoy. The best, the amount of natural light you receive when you find yourself in a fifth floor. Also, the views over the rooftops are very nice.

Elongated distribution

Maria decided to paint all the walls white, also doors and frames. The furniture took advantage of them, restored them and now they look like others.

Here the room appeared from the entrance. A passing room. In the background the bedroom.

Lounge and mini dining room

Maria wanted to get a neutral and luminous effect, very natural. To do this, he successfully abused the target. Touches in green and pieces in wood fit the final result.

The living room has a sofa, coffee table, furniture for audiovisuals and, in the passage area, a mini dining room with table attached to the wall.

Taste for decoration

Maria's mother has always enjoyed the decoration and she has lived it since childhood. Maybe that's why he developed his passion and aesthetic taste and hence he decided to study graphic design, interior design and window dressing.

Disparate details that fit

Before having this look so pleasant and casual, the apartment had a mixture of furniture (most of them finished in wenge tone), colors and decoration, which made it dazzle.

The posters on the sofa (futon type), the wall sconces in gold, combined with the retro white design ceiling lamp and old gold details… The set is a success.

The paintings are the work of María, who works in an advertising studio.

The terrace

What better than enjoying the great Malaga climate from the terrace.

The terrace, with views over the rooftops of the town of Malaga, has been decorated with a table and chairs in wood and wrought iron and some plants.


A corridor connected the hall with the bedroom, passing through the living room. Attached to the wall, a console table, which serves as a dining room.

The kitchen

In the kitchen Maria customized the furniture to make it look more current. Paint and even vinyl in the fridge.

Kitchen detail

Detail of the cooking zone of the kitchen.

The bedroom

The only bedroom in the house is spacious thanks to the choice of furniture. Instead of a conventional closet, as it is a holiday home, an open dressing room, base module and hanger structure with shelves have been installed.

The history of textiles ...

Most of the cushions in the house have been made by María's mother with fabrics, ribbons and trimmings, from an old store that our reader's grandmother had.

A green mint entrance

Already from the door, Maria's apartment promises. Quintocuatro is located in a small town in La Axarquí, in the province of Málaga, specifically in Torre del Mar. Its location is privileged, in the middle of Paseo de Larios, in the center of town. Near a lot of atmosphere, that Maria tries to bring the visitor always with guides that she makes with places to visit.

Ready to stay

Our reader takes care of all the details of this accommodation so that guests are at home.

Maria usually receives them with some coffee capsules and infusions and oil and salt so that the breakfast is very Mediterranean.