How to decorate a house with children at Christmas

How to decorate a house with children at Christmas

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Do not miss the video you will find under these lines. Cristina Sánchez, editor of the magazine and Pilar Perea Chief of Styling, tell us how this house has been decorated with children. How they can help you assemble the tree, what ornaments to choose, how to set up the perfect party table for the little ones in the house, and how to enjoy doing it together.

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If you want them to be entertaining hours, let them participate in the decoration of the house. They will love to place garlands on the walls or decorate the tree, like Inés, who wears Naïve signature socks. Reindeer, Ikea, and Angel figure, from El Corte Inglés. Ribbons for gifts, from Primark. Tree ornaments, from Zara Home, El Corte Inglés, Primark and Maisons du Monde.


The elderly can help you wrap gifts while the little ones paint on cardboard. Teach them how it is done, leave them with the necessary material and entrust the rest of the gifts to their creative power. Gold ribbon, for sale in Primark.


What an illusion to see you open presents on Three Kings Day! Leave the packages well identified and, if like Íñigo, they love to sit on the floor to open them, reserve a space wide enough for them to be comfortable. Gift papers, from Maisons du Monde. Boxes
and red balls, from El Corte Inglés.


They will have a blast in the kitchen making their first pastry pinitos. Find them an easy recipe to make and, with your supervision, guide them in their homework. Using pasta cutters will be super fun! Aprons, caps and confectionery, from Ikea. In the background, red cloths with Christmas motifs, from Zara Home.


Display the drawings of the little ones in a special place: in the kitchen, in the hallway or as part of the decoration of the house.You can include them in the garlands of your bedroom by fixing them with clothespins. Garland of wooden stars, by Maisons du Monde.


Reyes' breakfast must be special and unhurried! How about serving them milk in small bottles decorated with ad hoc motifs? Make the craft the night before and surprise them, or do it together while you prepare breakfast. Ribbons, from Primark. Ikea table and straw path.


If cousins ​​or friends come for a snack, prepare them a fun and childproof table! Choose a tableware that does not break, to avoid accidents, and decorate it with festive details. Tablecloths, melamine utensils and garland of light houses, from Zara Home. Reindeers and centerpiece, from El Corte Inglés. Minifanales, of Primark. Paper cups, from Maisons du Monde.


From Papa Noël, shepherd or angel, like Inés, children love dressing up. In addition to having fun, it stimulates their creativity and helps them overcome fears. Ceramic mask and reindeer, by Maisons du Monde. Hanging star, from Ikea. Pine-shaped candles, from Zara Home. Artificial pinitos, from El Corte Inglés. Long socks, by NaÏve.

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Create an original homemade Advent candlestick together and start your countdown! There are in the form of mobile, garland, crackers or, like this, a box with 24 packages and surprise inside: a toy, a coin, a doll ... Decorative papers, by Maisons du Monde.

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Give them some sheets of brown paper to decorate them to your liking with stamps or paintings. An excellent idea to stimulate your artistic vein and differentiate your gifts for the rest of the family. Boots by Primark. Gift papers, from Maisons du Monde. Estrella, from El Corte Inglés.


With so many days of vacations they will have time for everything: to play, to watch TV, to visit markets, to go to the movies… After so much activity, they will appreciate spending quiet moments in your room, like Íñigo enjoying reading. White carpet of hair and stars, from Ikea. Wood tree, from Amazon. Ornaments, by Primark, El Corte Inglés and Amazon.