A flat with all the charm of Lisbon

A flat with all the charm of Lisbon

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Lisbon is a city that manages to surprise from simplicity. Its streets and buildings, with a touch as decadent as charming, do not hide its past, but enhance it while embracing the new elements. The same occurs in the 80 square meter apartment we visit today. Located in the Frehage of Penha França, this home has been rehabilitated while retaining all its original charm. ARKSTUDIO, responsible for this project, spatially rethought the space to make the most of natural light. The elements of the house, such as wooden floors, doors and windows, were restored and the owner's furniture was reused to create a completely new interior. "We wanted to give personality to the space, reflect the soul of those who live here, staying within the budget they had given us," they explain.

The kitchen and bathroom were completely changed, but the new elements are simple and timeless, to be able to dialogue with the existing ones. The same goes for the new decorative acquisitions that "help build a personal space, with minimalist and contemporary charisma," they say. We can not agree more.

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The 80 square meters of this apartment rehabilitated by ARKSTUDIO ooze the essence of the city: they are simple, they do not hide their past, but they are open to what is to come.

Second opportunity

Many of the pieces of furniture were already the owner's. The study gave them more coherence and integrated them with the new acquisitions.

Personal issues

The goal was to give the personality space, reflect the soul of those who live here.

Start over

Although the original elements of the architecture were respected, the spaces were rethought to make them more functional and take better advantage of the available natural light.

I walked past

The wooden floor was restored, retaining all its charm.

Living room

A large double leaf door separates the living room from the dining room.

With much light

View of the dining room.

Different chairs

Three are the traditional bistro model and the other have straight lines.

A table set Exposed Tastes

Interior designers wanted to show the personality of the inhabitants.

Minimum expression

The new acquisitions were chosen in a minimalist style, to fit those of the past.

Family memories

Portraits and accessories that tell us about the family that lives here.


The kitchen and bathroom were completely renovated.


Aerial view of the bathroom, with checkered floor.